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Bell Tower
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Fire Tower
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Relevant cases The Story's End
The Final Witch Trial
The Last Inquisitor
The First Story

The Bell Tower is a structure in Labyrinthia's Town Square that is the only surviving remnant of the original town that was destroyed in the Legendary Fire.

The Bell of Ruin was installed at the top of the tower by Newton Belduke and Arthur Cantabella, as it was simply thought to be a regular bell when it was discovered in a series of underground ruins. However, the ringing of the bell during the Fire Festival accidentally caused the Legendary Fire due to its effects on the townspeople; with no-one to control the massive bonfire, the town was soon set ablaze.

After the events of the fire, the Arthur Cantabella had the tower covered by a pure black "invisible" tarp to prevent Espella Cantabella's memories from resurfacing. Howeverm a freak lightning strike set alight and destroyed tarp, thereby making the tower appear as if it had appeared from thin air to the townsfolk. This ultimately led to the suicide of Belduke, as he felt partly responsible for the Legendary Fire and that the tower reappearing was a sign that he could not run from his sins.

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