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Oh, her? Sir, not to boast but I knew the moment I saw her... "She'd do it!" I said!
Phoenix Wright
(Do WHAT?! I'm starting to think the most suspicious person here is this guy!)

An unnamed bellboy who worked at the Gatewater Hotel across from Phoenix Wright's office. He was called to court as a witness in order to testify on a hotel guest's actions at the time of a murder, although he was never asked for his name or occupation at that time.

Murder of Mia Fey[]

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Flirting with April May.

Before the murder of Mia Fey, this bellboy was serving ice coffee to the room in which April May and Redd White were staying, having previously been the one to check them in. He received a call from her at 8 PM and delivered two glasses to room 303 an hour later. May met him outside the room so as to create a solid alibi for herself while preventing the bellboy from noticing that White was not in the room and was, in fact, in the Fey & Co. Law Offices murdering Fey. He was disappointed that she had a lover when he checked them in, because he thought she was beautiful. That day, he also changed the sheets and pillowcases of the bed. He had to bring two pillows for the two but they were light.

When Maya Fey was accused of the murder, Phoenix Wright was hired as her defense lawyer. Although he proved that May had been wiretapping the offices, he couldn't prove who the murderer was and so he called the bellboy in desperation, who appeared in court still holding his tray. Through cross-examining the bellboy's testimony, Wright revealed that two people had shared the room, causing the trial to be adjourned for a day for more investigation. The bellboy later wrote an affidavit for Wright that could help him uncover White as the second person in the room.

The bellboy seems to have been slightly overexcited by his time in court and also appeared to think that May was the murderer. He was determined to keep the room as it was and to charge extra for it. Despite Wright's confusion over the bellboy's reaction, the added advertising seemed to help the hotel, so much so that a second hotel was later opened. The bellboy also appears to have benefited, taking over as management of the Gatewater Hotel at some point around Miles Edgeworth's trial.

A suicide note[]

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This bellboy often brought tea to Room 1202 of the Prosecutor's Building for Edgeworth. One day, after the Bruce Goodman murder case, the bellboy entered the office only to find a letter on the desk. This was Edgeworth's "suicide note" that he had left before leaving the country.

As the Proto Badger[]

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As the Proto Badger.

At some point, the bellboy became an employee of the Gatewater Land theme park, in which he would play the part of the Proto Badger. He briefly aided Miles Edgeworth in the investigation into the murder of Colin Devorae. Although the bellboy didn't take off his costume during this encounter, Edgeworth vaguely recognized him from his manner of speech and general mannerisms.



The bellboy is very formal with others and is generally quite prim and proper, although he can still be influenced by a pretty face. He is somewhat forgetful, completely forgetting who Wright was when they met in Edgeworth's office. He has an extreme devotion to his hotel, to the point of being glad that there was a murder in the hotel as it would create publicity. This, along with his excitement at being involved in a murder inquiry, caused Phoenix Wright to find him rather odd and creepy, possibly even verging on insane.


  • The bellboy was not initially planned as a witness by the developers, but they ended up putting him on the witness stand with a full tea set balanced on a tray. This became the basis of the playful attitude of the Ace Attorney series.[citation needed]