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Belle Windsor
I'm telling you the truth! This man had a wife and child, but he kept it a secret from me!

Belle Windsor was a girlfriend of Larry Butz and former mistress of Bright Bonds. She was called to testify in court when Butz was accused of killing Bonds.

The abandoned mistress[]

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Belle Windsor entered into a relationship with the older Bright Bonds, but Bonds revealed that he was already married and had a child. While this did not bother Windsor, Bonds couldn't bring himself to continue his affair and soon broke it off. Windsor was not so willing to let their relationship end however, begging and pleading with Bonds for them to get back together but he refused.

Unable to bear the thought of him being happy while she suffered alone, Windsor began to plan his murder. Her first step was to find a "patsy" she could date and use to set up an alibi, and soon found such a person in Larry Butz. She then called Biddy Tenniman (while using a voice changer to hide her identity), landlady of the Run Down Inn apartments, and offered to transfer six months worth of rent, which Tenniman was more than happy to accept.

On August the 8th, Windsor managed to persuade Bonds to meet with her at a nearby restaurant. She once again tried to ask Bonds to resume their relationship, but he merely hung his head and said that it had to end. Mid-conversation, the couple were interrupted by a surprised Butz, who was working at the restaurant. The next day, Butz confronted Windsor about her meeting, but was told that Bonds had been the one who had arranged the meeting since she had left him when she found out about his wife and child. Windsor continued her lie by telling Butz that her former lover had been harassing her to continue their affair, but that she had turned him down. On the 10th, Windsor sent six giant boxes and a "sloppily written letter" addressed to Tenniman, with the letter requesting that the landlady take the boxes to Apartment 101.

Bonds' murder[]

A few days later on the 11th, Windsor called Bonds at work to ask him to meet with her at the Gourd Lake Wind Chime Festival, which he agreed to. Windsor waited for him amongst the crowd at the busy festival, then snuck up behind him and plunged a knife into his side. Unable to let her former lover die without knowing who had stabbed him and how much she hated him, she immediately called him on her cell phone to declared that it had been her. The body of Bonds was later discovered by an employee at the men-only sauna Burnin' Heaven leaning against a locker; he had died from excessive blood loss due to his knife wound.

On the same day that Bonds was murdered, Windsor and Butz went to the Gourd Lake Wind Chime Festival together and happened to bump into Butz's old childhood friend Phoenix Wright, along with Wright's assistant Maya Fey. Butz gave Windsor a wind chime during this meeting as a "loving gift" from him, which she later adapted as part of her plan.

Windsor's original plan quickly fell apart as Butz, her alibi, was soon arrested for Bonds' murder. She modified the plan, changing the handle of the knife she had used with one Butz had previously used to cut up watermelon. She then left it in Apartment 101 and made an anonymous call to Tenniman informing her that the murderer was that room's resident and that she should call the police.

The trial[]

Windsor later appeared as a witness during Butz's trial. During her testimony, she told Wright that she and Butz had been talking to each other via video phone and showed them images she saved from their video conversation. Although Prosecutor Winston Payne attempted to question why she even bothered to make prints of the photos in the first place, said photos were enough to provide Butz with a solid alibi. When Payne asked her why she had called the victim five minutes before she called Butz, Windsor told him that she only wanted to tell Bonds to never see her again.

Despite Payne providing his explanation as to how Butz had committed the crime, Wright quickly figured out that Windsor was the true culprit and had managed to kill Bonds while making it seem like she was at home the whole entire time. When Windsor tried to prove Wright wrong by saying that Bonds would have asked for help since they were policemen everywhere for the festival, she unknowingly confessed to the murder since she couldn't have known about the man's location.

Although she tried to rectify her mistake by saying she had heard the sound of wind chimes in the background during her call to Bonds, Wright disproved this since it was physically impossible to hear the sound of wind chimes over the phone due to their frequency. At this, Windsor finally admitted that she killed Bonds and had placed the wind chime in her room to make it more believable during her conversation with Butz. She then confessed as to what had really happened between her and Bonds, why she became Butz's girlfriend, and why she had called Bonds while he was in Gourd Lake.


  • Her Japanese given name "Suzune" (鈴音) literally means "sound of bell", and her family name "Kazama" (風間) means "wind/space interval". This therefore makes her name mean "the sound of a bell in the wind". This fits well with her physical appearance, which resembles a "Fūrin" (風鈴), a Japanese wind chime, with her hair being the bell and her kimono being the tag. The back of her hair is also long and looks like a wind chime tag. Adding to this effect are her wind chime earrings.
  • "Belle" is a diminutive of Isabelle and Annabelle, but also means "beautiful" in French. "Belle" also has a similar pronunciation to "bell", referencing her wind chime-like appearance.
  • "Windsor", which is derived from the place of the same name, contains the word "wind", again referencing wind chimes.
  • Her French name comes from "cristalline", which means "crystal clear".