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Benjamin Cashanova was the Secretary General of the All-American Trade Federation whose murder in 2017 caused international strife.


  • His given name in the Japanese version is a portmanteau of the Japanese words for "yen" and "dollar": "en" and "doru", respectively. It is also written similarly to the Japanese spelling of "Andrew" (アンドルー), his given name in French, German, and Italian.
  • His Japanese surname combines the words "kane" and "suki", meaning "money" and "love", respectively. When combined, they loosely mean "lover of money".
  • His English given name may be a reference to Benjamin Franklin, whose face is depicted on the United States $100 bill, which is colloquially known as a "Benjamin".
  • "Cashanova" is a portmanteau of "cash" and "Casanova" (the latter being a nickname for a womanizer that originates from the historical Italian adventurer and author of the same name), referencing the money-loving meaning of his Japanese name.
  • His French surname, "Moneylove", is a literal translation of his Japanese surname.
  • His Spanish given name "Dolario" comes from the word "dollar", while his surname "Moneski" comes from "money".
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