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I'm a th-thinker, me. Think all sorts of thoughts. I think, therefore I am. I am, therefore I think. Because I stand there on the street, w-watchin' the w-world go on about me, they call me 'The Observator'.

Beppo was a carriage driver and member of the London Guild of Coachmen. He was a witness during the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of "Thrice-Fired" Mason. He later became a street vendor, calling himself Sandwich. He became a witness during a closed trial concerning the Reaper of the Bailey.

Death on the omnibus[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Runaway Room

One night when Beppo was driving his last passengers for the day, he heard two people scream. It soon became apparent that a murder had taken place inside his carriage, namely that of Mason Milverton, with McGilded seemingly being the only other passenger inside at the time. After the two passengers riding atop the carriage left the scene, McGilded bribed Beppo to deposit Milverton's coat into a pawn shop owned by Pop Windibank.

In McGilded's subsequent trial, the head of Beppo's guild was called as Juror 5.

Death on Fresno Street[]

Main article: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow

Beppo was later fired and came to work as a street vendor on Fresno Street just outside a run-down apartment, nicknaming himself "Sandwich". He would give people information and directions, as well as listen to peoples' problems and offer advice. He would provide his services at no charge alongside a firecracker seller nicknamed "Venus" and a story seller nicknamed "Gossip".

One day, "Sandwich" saw a man with red hair and prosecutor Barok van Zieks enter the apartment. After that, he heard what seemed like a gunshot and ran towards the apartment with the other street vendors to investigate. Inside a room, they found the corpse of detective Tobias Gregson, with van Zieks nearby holding a pistol. "Sandwich" took Gregson's travel trunk from the scene and tried to sell it. However, the police dog Toby tracked down the trunk and caught "Sandwich" red-handed. He was forced to return the trunk to Gina Lestrade, who kept it for herself.

The three street vendors were later called as witnesses to the closed trial.




There's, there's really n-n-nothing to me. Empty in the head, I am. Just two slices with no middle.


  • His name is a reference to the character of the same name from the Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.
  • His nickname comes from the fact that he wears a sandwich board.


  • "Sandwich" wears an olive bowler hat and a matching, visibly-worn coat over a white shirt. He also wears a sandwich board with the words "Hot! Actual Hero!" painted on both sides.
  • The role of "Sandwich" was conceptualized as a brand new character. However, due to circumstances, art director Kazuya Nuri suggested combining the character with Beppo, proposing that this could be his new job after losing his job due to the events of The Adventure of the Runaway Room.[1]


  1. Nuri: Sandwich - He was originally going to be a completely new character but due to circumstances, I suggested that we merge him with Beppo from Adventures.
    I figured this could be his new job after he'd lost his old one over the omnibus incident. And so, mixing elements of what was to be a new character with his old self, Beppo was reborn... sort of...
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