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Beppo was a carriage driver and member of London's Coachmen's Guild during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's time in the city. He was a witness in the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of Mason Milverton.

Death on the Omnibus[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Runaway Room

One night when Beppo was driving his last passengers for the day, he heard two people scream. It soon became apparent that a murder had taken place inside his carriage, namely that of Mason Milverton, with McGilded seemingly being the only other passenger inside at the time. After the two passengers riding atop the carriage left the scene, McGilded bribed Beppo to deposit Milverton's coat into a pawn shop owned by Pop Windibank.

In McGilded's subsequent trial, the head of Beppo's guild was called as Juror 5.



  • The character of Sandwich in Twisted Karma and His Last Bow is physically very similar to Beppo, but it is unclear if they are intended to be the same individual.
    • Kazuya Nuri confirmed that the two are indeed the same person, although, initially, they were supposed to be two different people.