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You may be looking for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All episode Turnabout Big Top.
Big Top
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Big Top
People to meet Regina Berry
Available evidence Léon
Linked locations Circus Entrance
Ringmaster's room
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Phoenix Wright
The circus stage sure doesn't look this small from out in the audience...

The Big Top of the Berry Big Circus is where all the shows the circus puts on for the public happen. It is here that the various performers show off their various skills, including Max Galactica's magic trick in which he appears to fly above the audience before suddenly disappearing. The seating for the audience is far away from the ring, meaning that the circus can cram up to 500 people into a show.

During Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of the ringmaster, Russell Berry, the center ring was littered with various props, including: a length of rope in a coil, a couple of large spotlights, the hoops that Regina Berry makes animals jump through, a stepladder (reigniting Maya Fey's and Wright's recurring bizarre discussion about ladders and stepladders) and the large lion's head that Galactica emerges from during the show. Regina revealed that she was also planning on emerging from the lion's head during the show, although she would be riding on the back of Regent, the circus tiger.

When Wright first arrived at the big top during his investigation, he was welcomed by Regent, who leaped onto the hapless lawyer. Following this, Regina called off the playful big cat.