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You may be looking for Bluecorp, the information-gathering corporation in Turnabout Sisters.
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Blue Screens, Inc.
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Blue Screens Inc.png
Organization info
Organization type Corporation
CEO Lisa Basil
Status Active
Location info
People to meet Lisa Basil
Available evidence Glen's Calendar
Losing Horse Racing Tickets
Linked locations Trés Bien

Blue Screens, Inc. is a small computer company. All workers there wear head-mounted display (HMD) devices over their left eyes; they claim these aid them in their programming. The room's layout serves no purpose other than to give it a futuristic feel.


Lisa Basil (leader)

Glen Elg (deceased).

Adam Mada.

The firm is run by Lisa Basil. Glen Elg was a skilled programmer there. After his death, he was replaced by Adam Mada. At least two other employees work there as well. Lisa Basil has admitted that she has hired at least one person due to their palindromic name. Since all other known employees of the company also have palindromic names (including Basil herself), this may be her standard method of hiring staff.


According to Basil, Blue Screens, Inc. analyzes the data management systems required by certain branches of industry and delivers optimum operating system and source-level components. The software they produce is distributed on CDs.


  • The name "Blue Screens, Inc." is a play on the "Blue Screen of Death", a colloquialism used for the error screen displayed by some operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows) after a critical error that causes the computer to shut down.
  • The company's Spanish name is "Pantallazo Azul Inc.", which has the same meaning as the English name.


In almost all language versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, all employees at Blue Screens, Inc. have palindromic names. One exception to this is the Chinese version, in which the employees' names use the same glyphs as the Japanese version but are pronounced differently, therefore losing the palindromic feature.

When Phoenix Wright shows Basil some evidence during the investigation of Elg's murder, she tells him that data is SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected. Maya Fey comments "This is madness!" and Wright corrects her by noting "This is SPARDA." This is a reference to the famous exclamation "This is Sparta!" from the comic 300.