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You may be looking for Blue Screens, Inc., the small computer company in Recipe for Turnabout.
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Organization info
Organization type Corporation
CEO Redd White (former; arrested)
Affiliated groups Marvin Grossberg
Various blackmailed individuals
Status Presumably dissolved
Location info
People to meet Redd White
Linked locations Detention center
Grossberg Law Offices
Fey & Co. Law Offices

Bluecorp was an information-gathering company described by its CEO, Redd White, as a "detective agency of sorts", although its activities could be more accurately described as gathering information for blackmail. Among its employees was White's secretary April May.

Dodgy dealings[]

Bluecorp was known for using various illegal methods, such as planting wiretaps, in order to obtain information on certain individuals or corporations, then using said information as blackmail material; Bluecorp's ties to and information on various important individuals in the legal system made it virtually untouchable by the law. Reportedly, some of the blackmail targets were eventually driven to suicide to escape from White's control. Amongst Bluecorps "clients" was veteran defense attorney Marvin Grossberg, who informed White about the police hiring a spirit medium during their investigation into the DL-6 Incident. Although Grossberg was initially well-paid for the information, after the police began a manhunt to track down their leak, White turned on Grossberg and demanded that he pay for his silence.


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Defense lawyer Mia Fey had been attempting to gather intel on Bluecorp for some time, with the aim of eventually putting an end to its unethical dealings. White found out about this, and decided to confirm it by having his secretary April May tap Fey's phone. Once his suspicions were confirmed, he paid a visit to Fey's office and, after removing all incriminating evidence against him, murdered Fey using a statue/clock of "The Thinker". He then wrote "Maya" in Fey's own blood using her right index finger, so as to frame her little sister, Maya Fey. April May had been set up as a fake "witness" to the crime. She was supposed to act like she had seen Maya commit the murder and then call the police from a hotel across the way. Detective Dick Gumshoe soon arrived on the scene and arrested Maya on the spot, citing the receipt as evidence.

Maya hired Phoenix Wright, one of Mia's former subordinates, to defend her in court against the ruthless prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. After hearing some testimony from Detective Gumshoe, the court called May, who had been set up by White to accuse Maya. Wright was able to prove that she had placed a wiretap on Mia's phone by arguing that she could not have otherwise known that "The Thinker" was a clock, as it had been broken at the time. However, she had a solid alibi at the exact time of death, with a witness to corroborate; she had been receiving an ice coffee from a hotel bellboy. Wright called the bellboy as a witness, and was able to learn from him that White had been staying with May in the hotel on the night of the murder. However, the bellboy could not verify whether or not White had been in the room at the time of death, casting enough doubt on the prosecution's case to allow for another day of investigation.

During his investigation, Wright eventually found his way to White and Bluecorp, and learned that White was planning to take the witness stand and formally indict Wright on the charge of Mia's murder. White planned to seal the deal by having the state appoint an incompetent attorney for Wright, but the lawyer foiled his plans by deciding to defend himself. White took the stand as planned, and Wright was able to indict the professional blackmailer by finding several contradictions, eventually exposing White as the true killer, with the help of Maya and her ability to channel Mia's spirit.

Bluecorp was presumably dissolved after White's arrest, as White's garish desk was later seen as one of the objects being auctioned off in an illegal black market auction in a hidden storage room underneath the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee Headquarters in Grand Tower.


Hanging on the wall is a painting that previously hung in Marvin Grossberg's office; it was given to White as part of a blackmailed arrangement. Despite White's later arrest, Grossberg was unable to reclaim the painting due to the circumstances under which White had obtained it.[1] The various statues in the room are all apparently modeled on White.


  • In-universe, White claims to have chosen the name of his company due to his favorite color being blue.
  • White's name, combined with the name of his company, reference the colors of the U.S. flag. Though technically other flags employ red, white and blue as their colors, the probable intent of the American localized name is to reference the American flag.
  • Japanese - Konaculture (コナカルチャー):
    • In the Japanese version of Turnabout Sisters, Bluecorp is known as "Konaculture" (コナカルチャー), with "Konaka" (White) claiming it to be a play on his surname.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Zulcorp: [2]
    • Direct adaptation of the company name.
    • "Rubens Brancco" (Redd White), combined with that of his company, Zulcorp (Bluecorp), makes a pun with three colors: "rubi", "branco" and "azul" (ruby, white and blue), maintaining a reference to the United States flag.


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