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The boarding lounge at the Cosmos Space Center. It was the scene of the murder of astronaut Clay Terran on December 15, 2027.

Bombing and murder[edit | edit source]

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In December of 2027, when the Space Center was preparing for the launch of the HAT-2 rocket, director Yuri Cosmos received a phoned threat saying that the rocket would be bombed unless he called off the launch. Since the Space Center had already suffered sabotage during the HAT-1 launch seven years previously, Cosmos took the threat seriously, but the government refused to allow him to cancel the launch. He then devised a plan to at least prevent the astronauts from being caught in the blast and conspired with Clay Terran to carry it out.

The staged escape into the boarding lounge.

On the day scheduled for the launch, Terran drugged fellow astronaut Solomon Starbuck with sleeping pills. Unbeknownst to anyone but Terran and a few other staff members, Cosmos made the launch pad switch places with the identical Space Museum located on the other side of the Space Center. Terran boarded the rocket replica in the Space Museum with the unconscious Starbuck, then staged a rescue by carrying him back into Boarding Lounge 1 along with the Hope capsule, which contained asteroid samples. This was recorded by the camera in the boarding lounge.

Aura Blackquill witnessing the murder from outside.

Upon arriving, however, Terran was stabbed to death by the spy known as the phantom, who had planted the bombs to destroy the Hope capsule, since it contained a moon rock with his blood on it due to an incident seven years previously and thus could reveal his identity. He then planted the detonator onto Starbuck to pin the crime on him. The murder was witnessed through the boarding lounge window by Aura Blackquill, who was climbing down the emergency ladder outside the building. The phantom then made to escape with the capsule, but was surprised by Cosmos, who entered the room from the south entrance. The phantom shot at Cosmos with a .10 caliber gun, but missed and hit Terran's oxygen tank, which exploded. The spy then escaped into the corridor to the Space Museum. Due to the darkness in the lounge, neither Cosmos nor Aura were able to see him properly, although they saw him holding a lighter.

Cosmos then proceeded to return the launch pad and Space Museum to their proper positions by turning a knob in the boarding lounge, but was caught in the process by police detective Candice Arme, who mistook him for the culprit and fired two gunshots at him. One hit the holographic screen in the lounge, while the other hit Cosmos' medal. Cosmos escaped into the control room to the north, which only he could open, then went all the way around to the south entrance, where Arme was, and pretended to be the second on the scene.

In addition to the two bombs which detonated on the launch pad and the main building, a third bomb was found in the boarding lounge, concealed inside a Phony Phanty doll. It was successfully disarmed, however, and taken by the police as evidence.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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When Starbuck was put on trial for both the bombing and the murder of Terran, Arme and Cosmos were summoned as witnesses. Arme ended up being murdered before she could testify, but Cosmos later took the stand and defense attorney Phoenix Wright was able to figure out what he had really seen and why he had switched the launch pads. The phantom, who, unbeknownst to anyone, had been masquerading as the late detective Bobby Fulbright for a whole year, brought the lighter he had used as evidence, claiming that a cleaning robot had found it in the Space Museum. However, he had prepared false fingerprint data which ended up pinning the crime on Phoenix's co-counsel, Athena Cykes. Starbuck was subsequently acquitted and Cykes arrested for the murder instead.

Later that same day, the Space Museum was once again switched with Launch Pad 1 in order to recreate the conditions of the crime. Phoenix returned to the boarding lounge with his daughter, Trucy Wright, to search for more evidence for Cykes' trial. Starbuck, who had already been freed, assisted Phoenix and Trucy with their investigation. Phoenix found a few dead leaves in the Space Museum corridor, which proved to be valuable evidence as they caused him to realize that the phantom had, after escaping into the Space Museum corridor, not taken the presumed escape route into the opposing Boarding Lounge 2, but instead jumped from the corridor onto the emergency ladder while Cosmos was returning the museum and launch pad to their normal positions.

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