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Gourd Lake Boat Rental Shop
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Boat rental shop
People to meet Marvin Grossberg
Available evidence Air Tank
Linked locations Public Beach
Caretaker's shack
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The Gourd Lake boat rental shop is a small shack where the public can rent boats to travel about the lake. Inside the shack itself was the home of an apparently senile old man and his pet parrot.

Home to an outcast[]

In 2001, court bailiff Yanni Yogi was accused of murdering defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth while they were trapped in an elevator during a power outage. Due to lack of evidence, the police contacted Misty Fey, a spirit medium, to channel Edgeworth's spirit in order to find out about the killer from the victim himself. A channeled Edgeworth pointed to Yogi as his killer, and in light of this, Yogi's defense attorney Robert Hammond argued that his client had suffered from temporary insanity due to oxygen deprivation. Although this convinced the court to acquit Yogi, his life soon began to collapse around him. He lost his job and social standing, and even his lost his fiancée Polly Jenkins to suicide. With nothing left in his life, by 2016 Yogi would end up as the caretaker of the Gourd Lake boat rental shop, where he lived in the small caretaker's shack and continued to feign memory loss and senility. Living by himself with a parrot he named after his dead fiancée, he was left with nothing but his memories of the past and a deep resentment towards the people who had ruined his life.


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Yogi shooting Hammond.

Yogi's anger stewed for 15 years, until he received a letter from an anonymous source containing detailed instructions that would allow him to murder Hammond and frame Gregory's son Miles for the deed. Hammond arrived at Yogi's shack first, as was planned, and was promptly shot. Yogi then changed into the clothes of the defense attorney and welcomed Miles. He took Miles out onto Gourd Lake in a boat, and then fired two shots into the water, in order to attract the attention of any potential witnesses. "Hammond" then dove into the water. A shocked Miles picked up the gun and drifted back to land, only to be welcomed by Detective Dick Gumshoe with handcuffs in hand, citing Miles' fingerprints on the gun as evidence.

However, Yogi's plan soon fell apart due to the efforts of Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth's defense attorney. Wright investigated the rental shop and began to piece together who the apparently senile old man really was. In court, Wright was able to prove that Yogi had been the one who had killed Hammond (with a little help from Yogi's parrot), which Yogi eventually admitted to. However, the whole plot had actually been put into motion by Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, with the intention of framing Miles for the death of Gregory Edgeworth. Wright soon prevailed, however, by proving to the court that it had been von Karma who had murdered the defense attorney all those years ago.