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"Bobby" redirects here; you may be looking for the character Bobby Wolfe from the Kodansha Comics manga. You may also be looking for the phantom who impersonated Fulbright.

Bobby Fulbright
My name? I'm Bobby Fulbright! The heroic detective who defends our good citizens from evil! The champion of justice who comes running whenever you're in need! And my catchphrase? It's "In justice we trust!"

Bobby Fulbright was a hot-blooded detective with the catchphrase "In justice we trust!" He was assigned to Prosecutor Simon Blackquill when the latter was given the power to take court cases despite serving a prison sentence. Apparently hoping to help the prosecutor redeem himself, Fulbright seemed completely oblivious to the latter's attempts to manipulate him.

Fulbright's fate[]

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At some point during 2026, Detective Fulbright died (and it was heavily implied that he had been murdered), though no one would find out that he was actually deceased for a whole year as his body was unidentified at the time.

A mysterious international agent known only as "the phantom" took on the late detective's identity, meaning that the Fulbright that Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes met during their cases was an imposter. It would not be until the retrial of the UR-1 Incident that the real Fulbright's body was identified and his imposter was brought to justice for the murders and bombings that he had performed while disguised as the justice-obsessed detective.



Fulbright's mugshot.

Fulbright was very enthusiastic about his work and had a very strong sense of justice. As a detective, he was fairly competent and would rarely overlook anything important during an investigation. However, he would frequently get caught in a conundrum of "which justice is the most just?" when asked to take sides. Fulbright was put in charge of the convict prosecutor Simon Blackquill, although it would frequently seem the other way around, with Blackquill constantly ordering him around and referring to him as "Fool Bright". The detective didn't seem to notice or mind, however.

It should be noted that all that is known of Fulbright in terms of personality comes from the phantom's portrayal of him. However, since the spy himself would wish to mimic the original as closely as possible and lacked the normal range of emotions that a normal individual would have, it can be safely assumed that the personality of the imposter was more or less identical to the real Fulbright.


  • Japanese - Gōzō Ban (番 轟三):
    • The kanji used for his Japanese surname "Ban" (番) is also used in the Japanese words for "watchdog" (番犬) and "guard/sentry" (番人), referring to his imposter's occupation as Blackquill's guard.
    • His Japanese given name "Gōzō" (轟三) contains the kanji for "roar/thunder/boom/resound" (轟).
  • English - Bobby Fulbright:
    • His English given name "Bobby" is a British slang term for a police officer.
    • "Fulbright" may have been chosen as his English surname simply so that Blackquill could refer to him as "Fool Bright", although it could also be taken as a reference to his bright and cheerful personality.
  • French - Justin Brillant:
    • His full French name is a play on "juste un brillant", which means "just a brilliant guy". "Justin" has also the same latin root as "Justice", and means "fair" or "who respects the law".