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We Vigilantes despise injustice and inequality! We shall remain united, friendly, confident and self-reliant!

Boistrum is the loud and aggressive captain of the Vigilantes, who are guards charged with keeping watch over Labyrinthia's Bell Tower.


Boistrum is loud, brash, and rather quick to commend the Vigilantes on their hard work and dedication, despite evidence to the contrary. He also tends to get involved in situations for which he has no context, and often jumps to conclusions. Despite not being particularly intelligent and having a somewhat forceful personality, he is dedicated to his job and the well-being of Labyrinthia.


  • His Japanese name, "Abarero", is probably derived from the Japanese verb "abareru" (暴れる), meaning "to act violently"/"to rage"/"to struggle"/"to be riotous".
  • "Boistrum" is a play on "boisterous", meaning "full of energy/exuberant/noisy".
  • His Spanish name, "Abatemus", may be a play on "abatir" which means "bring down"/"demolish".
  • His Dutch name, "Knocke", may be a play on "knokken" which is Dutch slang for "fighting".

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