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Bonnie Young
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Bonnie Young
You can't just take care of the patient's body. You gotta take care of the heart too.

Bonnie Young is the elderly director of the Dye-Young Clinic. She has worked with the police as a coroner on at least two occasions and is never seen without her granddaughter and assistant Karin Jenson at her side.

Forging evidence

Main article: IS-7 Incident

In 2000, Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste blackmailed Young into creating a fake autopsy report for Isaac Dover, the victim in the IS-7 Incident, despite the body having gone missing before it could actually undergo an autopsy. The report was then given to Manfred von Karma, the presiding prosecutor for the case, and presented in court. However, the defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth knew that the body had gone missing, and so tried to prove that the evidence was falsified in court. However, von Karma had the backing of the police force that the autopsy report was legitimate. The trial continued for a year before ending in a conviction for Edgeworth's client.

Jill Crane's murder

Bonnie Young
I will accept whatever wrongs you may have done. Just tell me everything.

Young with her granddaughter Karin Jenson.

Eighteen years later, Jenson found Kay Faraday unconscious and took her to the Dye-Young Clinic, where it was discovered that she had lost her memory. Young was then called to the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.) meeting room to act as coroner for the murder of Jill Crane. She relayed her autopsy report to Jenson to write down, and refused to let Miles Edgeworth near the body until Prosecutor Franziska von Karma arrived. She gave the written report to Eustace Winner before leaving the meeting room. She and Jenson then bought cotton candy from a stand at the top of the tower before heading home.

The next day, Young was summoned to the meeting room during a P.I.C. hearing to determine Edgeworth's future, as it had been discovered that the autopsy report she had given the police was incorrect. Young was surprised when Edgeworth showed her that the information that she had dictated to Jenson was not what was written in the report itself. Jenson admitted that she, too, was being blackmailed by Blaise, who had threatened to reveal Young's involvement in the IS-7 Incident. She had even been forced to act as an accomplice to Blaise's plot to kill Crane, but her testimony to Edgeworth allowed him to prove that Blaise was the true culprit. Shortly afterward, Faraday finally regained her memory. Young congratulated her and reminded Jenson that they had to mend hearts as well as bodies.

Von Karma took Young and Jenson into custody for the crimes that they had committed. Since they had been blackmailed, they were not punished severely.




Young dislikes having to speak up, so often relays what she was saying via her granddaughter. She is very opinionated and dislikes having her time wasted or explaining herself to other people. She occasionally hits Jenson on the back of the head with her cane and reminds her that bedside manner is just as important as patient safety.


  • Japanese - Otome Itami (伊丹 乙女):
    • Her full name comes from the Japanese phrase "Itami o tome" (痛みを止め), which means "stop the pain."
    • "Otome" (乙女) means "a young and pure lady, maiden or virgin", likely chosen to contrast with her aged appearance.
  • English (Unofficial) - Bonnie Young:
    • Her English name in the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit is "Bonnie Young," which is likely meant to have a similar meaning to her Japanese given name; "Bonnie" coming from the Scottish word for "pretty/attractive" and "Young" being in contrast with her age.