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Bonny de Famme
Yeah, my trick is turning some heads in the magic world right now. They're calling it "new, miraculous magic." Some even say it's the real deal! Hee hee!

Bonny de Famme is a magician known for her teleportation magic trick. She is a fan of the young magician Trucy Wright, alongside whom she appeared in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land" at the Penrose Theater.

A reluctant accomplice[]

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Bonny de Famme
I've always been afraid to stand up to Betty -- afraid to defy her -- so I did what she said... But when I saw Trucy today, she gave me strength.
Bonny on the stage

On stage during the magic show.

The secret behind Bonny de Famme's teleportation magic trick was the existence of her twin sister, Betty, which allowed her to give the appearance of being in two places at once. Bonny greatly admired Trucy Wright for her impressive skill at magic tricks despite her young age. However, despite said admiration, she found herself pressured into assisting Betty and Mr. Reus in playing a prank orchestrated by the producer Roger Retinz to scare Wright on live television during the dress rehearsal of "Trucy in Gramarye-Land". Mr. Reus was to fall out of a coffin that Wright would stab with a rubber sword and subsequently pretend to be dead, after which Betty would use a remote control to drop a large dragon set piece onto the stage and cause Mr. Reus to fly upwards, scaring Wright. Bonny's role in the prank was to call Wright backstage just before the set piece fell, so she would not get hurt.

During the show, Bonny made a mistake by accidentally placing Wright's puppet Mr. Hat over the wrong trapdoor on the stage. As Mr. Hat was to be quickly replaced by Wright — who was understage at the time — after a cloud of smoke obscured him from the audience's view, Bonny realized that this mistake could potentially ruin the show, and quickly gave Wright a signal informing her of it, after which Wright managed to appear on the correct trapdoor and cover for the mistake. Retinz's prank subsequently appeared to proceed as planned, but unfortunately, Reus was subsequently found dead due to a stab wound in his back. Wright was arrested for the murder, as she appeared to have stabbed Mr. Reus to death inside the coffin, and the only other person in the show — Bonny — had been performing at the time. After the show, a cameraman gave Bonny some footage he had shot of her during her performance, with the camera trained on her the whole time. She later met Wright's attorneys Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes in the dressing room, and admitted her mistake regarding Mr. Hat after Justice questioned her about it.

During Wright's trial the next day, Betty masqueraded as Bonny to testify against Wright, but Justice soon uncovered the existence of the "second Bonny" and the twins proceeded to reveal the secret to their teleportation trick. Bonny then joined her sister at the stand after Justice began to suspect Betty of the murder, and prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi then realized the truth about the prank and had the twins admit to participating in it. The two then presented the court with a video that ruled out Betty as a suspect and made the evidence against Wright seem unquestionable, but Justice convinced the judge to let Wright testify.

Feeling that something was nagging at her regarding the video she had received from the cameraman, Bonny tried to talk to Justice during the subsequent recess. Although Betty stopped her, Bonny later stood up to her sister in the courtroom and presented her video, which helped Justice disprove the theory that Mr. Reus had been killed in the coffin. The lawyer went on to prove that Retinz had murdered Mr. Reus without being present at the theater, having done so by planting a sword in the pulley system above the stage which had killed Mr. Reus when he was pulled upwards. Bonny's mistake with Mr. Hat's position proved vital in decisively establishing Retinz's guilt, as it had derailed his meticulous murder plan and caused him to make an error when tampering with the scene which only someone who had not seen the show could have plausibly made.

In the aftermath of Wright's acquittal, Bonny and Betty came to have trouble finding work, as their best-known trick relied on Betty's existence remaining a secret. Although Bonny proposed that they take Wright up on her offer of joining the Wright Anything Agency as magicians, Betty was violently opposed to the idea.


Bonny de Famme
She's just incredible! Not only is she extremely talented... ...but she's so cool under pressure and always manages to keep a smile on her face! In spite of all that talent, she still works harder than anyone I know! You couldn't ask for more out of a magician!
Apollo Justice
(I'm sensing a shift into hyper-fangirl drive...)


Somewhat clumsy and lacking in confidence, Bonny would frequently be pushed around by her much more aggressive twin sister. She is a big fan of Trucy Wright's magic and often talks about her impressive talent.

However, since she desperately wishes to be liked, she could be easily talked into doing unethical things. Roger Retinz took advantage of this when he convinced Betty to help him sabotage Wright's debut magic show in return for a lucrative contract.


  • Japanese - Mimi Nanano (菜々野 美々):
    • Her Japanese given name, "Mimi" (耳), means "ears". When combined with her sister's given name, they form the word "Kikimimi" (聞き耳), meaning "ears poised for listening".
    • When the kanji "na" (菜) and "no" (野) in her surname "Nanano" (菜々野) are removed and reversed, they become "yasai" (野菜), which means "vegetables"; this may be a reference to carrots, which are stereotypically eaten by rabbits.
  • English - Bonny de Famme:
    • Her English given name, "Bonny", is most noticeably a play on "bunny", referencing her stage costume's rabbit motif. Bonny is derived from the Scottish word "bonnie", which means "pretty/beautiful". It is also thusly used as an adjective meaning "attractive/beautiful" in some dialects; in Scottish English, a "bonny lass" is a term of affection that refers to a pleasant good-looking girl. This likely ties into her role as a stereotypical "bunny-girl" who seems to have "admirers" of her beauty. This is also likely a purposeful contrast to her sister, Betty's, own name, which is also used as a slang name for an attractive woman, but with negative connotations.
    • Her English surname, "de Famme", may be a play on "defame", in reference to the plot against Trucy Wright.
  • German - Bonny di Famme:
    • Her German surname, "di Famme", may be a play on "diffamieren", or "to defame/vilify", referencing the plot against Trucy Wright.
  • French - Annah de Femme
    • The surname "de Femme" may be a play on "deux femmes", or "two women", in reference of the duality of Annah/Hanna.
  • Chinese - Càicàiyĕ Mĕimĕi (菜菜野 美美)


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Bonny has red eyes and purple hair in a rounded hairstyle, and wears a tiny orange hat with a red section attached to a red headband slanted to the right and a black bunny ears headband with purple inside the ears, the right ear is bent.

Bonny wears a black tailcoat jumpsuit with a white fluffy collar, pointed shoulder pads, a pink heart pin with gold points, and a tail along with white cuffs. She wears orange tights with netting. Her shoes are black with a white pompom. Her umbrella cane is pink and white with a pink polka dot ribbon attached. When open, the umbrella is dark blue with a yellow circle and patterned with white bunnies, stars, and dots along with a lacey pattern.