The Republic of Borginia is a country in Northern Europe in the Central European Time Zone. Klavier Gavin once visited Borginia and found Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye there. Cammy Meele also spent some time studying abroad in Borginia, becoming fluent in the local language in the process.

Smuggling ringEdit

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Borginia was one of several countries in which the Cohdopian smuggling ring operated. In one incident in particular, the Borginian Alif Red statue was stolen at Zheng Fa and replaced with a fake. An investigation of the ring by Interpol agent Akbey Hicks resulted in his death at the hand of Cammy Meele, a flight attendant at iFly Airlines and a member of the ring, though she was soon caught and arrested.

Borginian cocoonEdit

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A replica of a Borginian cocoon.

Borginia is notable for an illegal commodity known as the Borginian cocoon. Although it cures the otherwise incurable disease incuritis, it can be used as a deadly poison as well. Consequently, this product caused chaos in the black markets. This brought in the involvement of Interpol, as well as Borginia's enactment of a law that guaranteed an immediate death sentence for cocoon smugglers. Known cocoon smugglers include Daryan Crescend and his accomplice Machi Tobaye.



Some symbols used to represent spoken Borginian.

The country's name appears to have been reused from the Borginian Republic, a fictional country mentioned in Dino Crisis, another Capcom game. Shu Takumi, the main developer of the core Ace Attorney games, was also a main planner and event director for Dino Crisis, making the similarity perhaps not coincidental.


Borginian language

A Borginian word translated into English by Zinc Lablanc.

  • Borginia, despite supposedly being in northern Europe, seems to have a number of similarities to Egypt. The games represent spoken Borginian in a written language that uses symbols of plants and animals similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (or the Microsoft Word font Wingdings), and Zinc Lablanc's character theme sounds stereotypically Egyptian. In addition, the written script of Borginia resembles a middle Eastern script not unlike Arabic or Hebrew, including being read from right to left.
  • In Turnabout Serenade, the words "Borginian" and "Borginese" are used interchangeably when referring to the language that the Borginians use. The language is consistently called "Borginian" in Turnabout Airlines.
  • In Turnabout Serenade, Machi Tobaye pronounces Apollo Justice's name as "Apollo Yoostis", similar to that of a number of European accents, including Polish, German, Swedish, and Finnish in his pronunciation of "J" to a "Y" and "U" to an "OO" sound. Incidentally, Borginia's described location seems to coincide with the real life location of Germany.
  • The file used to run Gyakuten Kenji 2 contains some anti-piracy measures that detect the legitimacy of the file and attempt to impede the gameplay if the file is deemed unauthorized. The game does this by converting dialogue text into the unreadable font normally reserved for Borginian and replacing organizer descriptions with Xs. The unofficial English fan patch overrides these measures.