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A piece of Borginian cloth was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Akbey Hicks.

Akbey Hicks's murder []

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The cloth was stored in the cargo hold of Flight I-390 in a box labelled in Borginian. However, during a stopover, Cammy Meele killed Akbey Hicks. She then opened the box of Borginian cloth and used a piece of cloth to wipe away the bloodstains the crime had left. She then stored the cloth in a suitcase alongside Hicks's body, which she planned to switch with an identical one Rhoda Teneiro had bought. This would therefore leave Teneiro with the incriminating evidence, effectively framing her for the murder. Additionally, as the box where the cloth came from was to be unloaded in Zheng Fa, this allowed her to hide the fact that the box had been opened from any investigators on the plane.

However, while Meele was going up to the lounge with the suitcase in the elevator, the plane hit a patch of turbulence. This spilled Hicks's body and belongings all over the elevator. She decided to leave the scene as is, but brought the cloth and suitcase to the in-flight shop, which was where Edgeworth later discovered it.

Edgeworth learned from Zinc Lablanc that the cloth was Borginian in origin. He later deduced that the killer had used it to clean up the blood on the real crime scene. Later, it became a key piece of evidence, as the killer had taken it from a box labeled in Borginian when there was a simple box of bedsheets labelled in English nearby, proving that the killer could read Borginian. As Meele was the only crew member who knew Borginian, she was correctly proven as Hicks's killer.