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A Borginian Cocoon replica.

A Borginian cocoon is an item native to the European country of Borginia. These cocoons are the source of a very powerful medicine known to cure the disease Incuritis. However, if the extraction process is even slightly altered, it instead produces a very potent toxin. Owing to this last fact, the smuggling of Borginian cocoons from the country is a serious crime that carries the death penalty.

Machi Tobaye and Daryan Crescend were involved in the illegal smuggling of a Boriginian cocoon, which led to a confrontation between Crescend and Romein LeTouse, an Interpol agent. This led to LeTouse's death.

A smuggling case[]

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Packed Guitar

Gavin's vacuum-packed guitar that was used to smuggle the cocoon.

Tobaye and Crescend smuggled the Borginian cocoon by putting it inside one of Klavier Gavin's guitars. Gavin had visited Borginia and invited Lamiroir, a singer there, to sing at one of his concerts, and the guitar was a gift from her. Tobaye was Lamiroir's piano accompaniment. Crescend also had Tobaye plant a remote-controlled firecracker into the guitar in case something went wrong.

During said concert, Lamiroir sang a solo, The Guitar's Serenade. Meanwhile, Romein LeTouse, who was acting as Lamiroir's bodyguard to investigate, confronted Crescend about the cocoon. Crescend stole LeTouse's revolver and shot LeTouse in the shoulder. He then contacted Tobaye, who was on stage with Lamiroir, by radio, telling him to set off Gavin's guitar containing the cocoon. Crescend devised a plan to make it look like he was following the lyrics to The Guitar's Serenade, as well as to throw off the time of the shooting to give himself an alibi. LeTouse died of blood loss from his wound.

Tobaye was put on trial for the murder, but his defense attorney convinced him to confess to his smuggling crime to reveal the real killer, Crescend, as well as to be tried in the United States where he would not receive the death penalty.