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The Borscht Bowl Club is an old Russian restaurant in which Phoenix Wright was employed as a piano player. It was the scene of the murder of Shadi Smith, for which Phoenix Wright was accused.


The Borscht Bowl Club was historically known for being a hiding place for criminals such as Badgai. Criminals used the many secret passages within the club to escape from the law. The Hydeout, which is a room in the club's basement, was a central area for illicit activities, and Badgai was arrested in that room.

Recent history[]

When Phoenix Wright was disbarred, he found employment at the Borscht Bowl Club to make ends meet. Wright's job as a piano player was a cover for his real claim to fame; he was infamous as an unbeatable poker player, and would-be challengers would face him in the Hydeout. This drew in much profit for the club.

One day, Olga Orly was employed as a waitress for the club. Some time later, Kristoph Gavin, one of Wright's friends and a fellow lawyer, had dinner with Wright in the club. A man named Shadi Smith also visited the club, along with reporter and notary Spark Brushel, as Gavin was leaving. Wright recognized "Smith" as Zak Gramarye, who had disappeared seven years before. Gramarye and Wright discussed various subjects surrounding Gramarye's daughter Trucy, and Gramarye gave Wright a will passing on the rights to his magician's tricks to Trucy. They then played poker in the Hydeout, with Orly as the dealer.

Orly was, in fact, a plant for Gramarye, who was to help him expose Wright as a cheater. However, the plan failed, and Gramarye hit Orly with a grape juice bottle in a fit of rage. Wright went upstairs to call the police, but then Gavin appeared from behind a secret passage and killed Gramarye. When Wright saw Gramarye's body, he went back upstairs to call Gavin to defend him. However, Gavin mentioned Gramarye's bald head (Gramarye had been wearing a hat), exposing him to Wright as the killer. Wright then requested that one of Gavin's pupils, Apollo Justice, be his lawyer instead. Wright was later arrested.

Apollo Justice headed Wright's defense team, with his mentor Gavin at his side. When Justice began to mount a successful defense, Gavin attempted to get him to implicate Orly as the killer, but Wright pointed out that that argument was flawed, and he began to suggest that a fourth person had been in the Hydeout with the three people in the poker game. This eventually turned out to be Gavin, and Gavin was arrested and incarcerated for the murder.

After the trial, Orly kept up her double job at the Borscht Bowl Club as a waitress and a card dealer for Wright's poker games.

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