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The breakdown is a special animation that occurs when a witness (usually the true culprit of a case) realizes that he or she has been defeated. Other breakdowns are present for non-culprits, for example Lana Skye.

List of breakdowns

  • Luke Atmey--Throws his hands up, laughing hysterically, and talking really fast.
  • Daryan Crescend--Flips out; his pompadour flailing madly.
  • Matt Engarde--scratches new scars into his face, repeatedly yelling, "GUILTY!"
  • Damon Gant--starts laughing and clapping like crazy. Later his hair goes into the air, making it look like he is being electrocuted.
  • Kristoph Gavin
    • Turnabout Trump--pounds the stand and asks Phoenix Wright if this is his revenge from 7 years ago. Later, the dishes and lobster Olga Orly was carrying in her disguise levitate while he has an anger attack.
    • Turnabout Succession--pounds the stand again, only to go into a Super Saiyan-like freakout, cursing his enemies over accepting this new system. Later, after an "innocent" verdict was given for Vera Misham, Gavin laughs insanely and is taken away.
  • Godot--His mask explodes or he chugs a mug of coffee and spits it out.
  • Dahlia Hawthorne
    • Turnabout Memories--screams Mia Fey's name repeatedly and glares at her with demonic eyes, asking "Do. You. Think. You've. Won!?" while the butterflies that usually surround her burn up.
    • Bridge to the Turnabout--curses Mia Fey again, only to be trash-talked and exorcised from Maya's body, her spirit (with her hair pointing in every direction) disappearing in the form of the Magatama, never to walk in the living world again.
  • Manfred von Karma--roars a demonic scream and slams his head on the wall, cursing Gregory Edgeworth and his son Miles.
  • Olga Orly--throws her bowl of borscht into the air, then catches the plate, bowl, soup, and lid in succession.
  • Winston Payne--most of his hair flies off with a surprised reaction.
  • Portsman--chews his medal up and swallows it, faints.
  • Frank Sahwit--breathes heavily to the point of hyperventilation, then suddenly throws his toupee at Phoenix's face. After he's found out, he froths at the mouth and falls over backwards.
  • Alita Tiala-- Screams while holding her head, and feathers from her dress fly around.
  • Furio Tigre--Roars incredibly loudly to the point of the lights in the courtroom going out. He stays frozen for some time.
  • Dee Vasquez--After her motive for keeping Jack Hammer silent, she clenches her pipe until it snaps in two.
  • Richard Wellington--Strangles himself with his ascot to the point of passing out.
  • Redd White--starts to scream in the air and lowers his head in shame, twitching on the stand.
  • Phoenix Wright-- yells "Gwaaaaa!" and places his head in his hands with elbows on the bench.
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