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"Bridge to the Turnabout - Last Trial" is the 47th and final episode of the Ace Attorney anime and the twenty-third episode of its second season. It is the last of seven episodes that adapt the story of Bridge to the Turnabout, originally from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.



Differences from the game[]

  • While Maya gives her occupation as assistant manager at Wright & Co. Law Offices, she does not mention that she wants nothing more to do with the Fey clan.
  • The idea of the Stone Lantern being lit is not mentioned during Maya's testimony.
  • Additional flashback scenes of Diego Armando and Mia Fey are shown.
  • Pearl appears along with everyone else during the post-trial epilogue, covered in the gravy she cleaned off the Hanging Scroll.
  • Mia does not appear during the post-trial epilogue to congratulate Wright.
  • The final shot of Wright and company is presented as a photograph instead of as a drawing by Butz.
  • The scene with Bikini at Hazakura Temple is removed, so the photo of Maya and Mia as children fixing the Sacred Urn is presented after the closing credits.


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