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Belle Windsor
I stabbed him! I hated him that much!! I wanted him to know that.

Bright Bonds was a business manager at Company Y until his murder.

Adultery and death[]

Main article: Turnabout with the Wind

A big man who had played football in school and was a massive fan of the Gigantes baseball team, Bonds was a married man with a wife and child. Despite his marriage, however, Bonds entered into an affair with a young woman called Belle Windsor, but soon broke it off. Windsor was not so willing to let their relationship end however, and so she begged and pleaded with Bonds for them to get back together.

On August 8th, Windsor managed to persuade him to meet with her at a nearby restaurant. She once again tried to ask Bonds to resume their relationship, but he merely hung his head and said that it had to end. Mid-conversation, the couple were interrupted by Windsor's new boyfriend who was working at the restaurant, a man called Larry Butz. The next day, Butz left a voice mail on Bonds's cell phone to demand that he stay away from Windsor.

A few days later on the 11th, Windsor called Bonds at work to ask him to meet with her at the Gourd Lake Wind Chime Festival. Although there was a Gigantes game that night, he agreed. At 8:55 p.m. that night, Bonds left the rest of his colleagues early, most of whom were working overtime. In fact, Bonds was the only one to leave at that time, saying that he had something he needed to do.

Arriving at the crowded festival, Bonds was unable to see Windsor anywhere. Suddenly he felt a knife plunging into his side and immediately afterwards, he received a cell phone call from Windsor to declare that it was her who stabbed him. Still harboring feelings for his former mistress despite her attack on him, Bonds made his way to the men-only sauna Burnin' Heaven in an attempt to reduce the chance of Windsor being a suspect. At 9:16 p.m., Bonds passed by the building's front desk and entered the elevator to the sauna on the sixth floor. Although he passed many police officers at the park and the man stationed at the sauna building's front desk, he made no attempt to call for help. The body of Bonds, discovered by a sauna employee, was found leaning against a locker, having died from excessive blood loss due to the knife wound.

Butz was soon arrested due mainly to Windsor's machinations, and Butz's hot-headedness and stupidity. However, despite Bonds's efforts, Windsor's guilt was uncovered by Butz's defense attorney Phoenix Wright and she was arrested, leaving Wright and his assistant to reflect upon the final actions of Bright Bonds.


  • His Japanese name is made up of the phrase "a new level of light". "Shinjō", written in other kanji, could mean "giving", "a firm belief", or "true feeling".
  • His English given name is likely a reference to the meaning of his Japanese name.
  • The surname "Bonds" may be a reference either to his bond with Windsor or the one with his family.
  • His full French name is a play on "patriarchal".