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We can't touch them. They've got too much moola. [...] No one stands up to Bruto Cadaverini. And I mean, no one!

Bruto Cadaverini is a powerful mob boss. He has a granddaughter, Viola, for whom he cares very deeply.

The mob boss & the tiger[]

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Viola's car crashing into Furio Tigre's scooter.

One day, Viola suffered a car crash with Furio Tigre's scooter. Because of this, Viola required an operation on her head that would cost $1 million. Furious about what had happened to his beloved granddaughter, Bruto demanded that Tigre pay the bill. Bruto had a great deal of power over the black market, so Tigre couldn't refuse and was left in debt. He took in Viola and looked after her. Viola, not knowing that Tigre was the man involved in her accident, or perhaps not wanting to acknowledge the fact, became affectionate, deeply loyal and respectful toward Tigre. She began to work for him at his loan company Tender Lender soon afterward.

Desperate to pay off his debt, Tigre put pressure on Glen Elg, one of his clients, to pay up. Having no means to pay said debt, Elg was forced into making a computer virus that Tigre could sell for far more than Elg's original debt and would allow him to pay Viola's hospital bill. Unfortunately, just as Elg was about to hand over the virus, he won a lottery, winning enough money to pay off his own debt but not Tigre's. Desperate for the virus, Tigre murdered him and, with the help of Viola, framed Maggey Byrde for the crime.

After Byrde's lawyer Phoenix Wright managed to prove Tigre's guilt and the loan shark was arrested, Viola took over as owner of Tender Lender.


Little is known about Bruto Cadaverini's personality other than that he has a strong affection for his granddaughter Viola. He has a great amount of influence in organized crime and is obviously widely-feared, even to the point of frightening the fearsome Furio Tigre.


  • Japanese - Gonta Shikabane (鹿羽権太):
    • The kanji in "Gonta" (権太) mean "authority" and "big". The choice of the name itself comes from the New Year's Eve "Gonta-kun no Tsudoi" (ゴン太君のつどい) special live concert by the Japanese rock group Southern All Stars.[1]
    • "Shikabane" (鹿羽) comes from the Japanese word for "a corpse" (屍).
  • English - Bruto Cadaverini:
    • In English, a "brute" or someone "brutal" refers a person who is savage or unfeeling.
    • "Bruto" is an Italian word meaning "brute" (in both the noun and adjective sense) and is similar to the Italian word "brutto", meaning "ugly" or "terrible". The choice of an Italian-inspired name is likely meant to be a reference to the Sicilian Mafia. In Spanish, "bruto" is an adjective that means someone "ignorant", "stupid", "aggressive", or "strong".
    • "Cadaverini" is Italian for "little corpses". The word is a variation of the Italian "cadavere", of which the English equivalent is "cadaver", a synonym of "corpse". Like his given name, the choice of an Italian-inspired name is likely meant to be a reference to the Mafia.



Cadaverini is bald with 5 moles and a huge scar on his head, and gray eyebrows. He wears a black kimono with a gray trim.


  • Bruto only appears in the court record and in-game dialogue, making him one of only two living named characters to date to have a court record profile but not make an appearance in person, with Bat being the other example of this.
  • Bruto has the earliest known birth date amongst all Ace Attorney characters alive in the series' modern day, and is the oldest character by debut age (six years older than the 72-year-old Quercus Alba).