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(Phony Phanty and Bum Rap Rhiny, huh... Nothing against the campaign, but why an elephant and a rhinoceros...?)

Bum Rap Rhiny is a blue anthropomorphic rhinoceros mascot used as part of a campaign set up to combat false accusations in the courtroom during the so-called "dark age of the law". Another mascot, a red anthropomorphic elephant called Phony Phanty, was created to raise awareness of fabricated evidence within the legal system. The two mascots are brothers.[1]


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In the aftermath of the disbarment of attorney Phoenix Wright and the murder conviction of prosecutor Simon Blackquill, the legal system entered a dark age in which the public lost faith in the courts and attornies began resorting to any means necessary in order to win trials. Bum Rap Rhiny and his "brother" Phony Phanty were created as mascots of a campaign against the false charges and forged evidence that became commonplace in this "dark age of the law".

A victim of a bombing[]

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Junie and Rhiny

Woods in the courtroom gallery with her Bum Rap Rhiny doll.

Juniper Woods owned a Bum Rap Rhiny doll which she brought with her to Courtroom No. 4 when she went to watch the trial of Solomon Starbuck. During the trial, a live bomb which had been brought in as evidence inside a Phony Phanty doll was reactivated, and Woods lost her own doll while trying to escape before the explosion. Bum Rap Rhiny's severed tail with Woods's fingerprints on it was later found by the police and mistakenly assumed to belong to the Phony Phanty doll, causing Woods to be arrested as the prime suspect in the bombing. However, Woods's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright — assisted by his co-counsel Athena Cykes and her Mood Matrix device — helped Woods remember that she had had Bum Rap Rhiny with her during the trial, thus discrediting the tail as evidence.


  • The mascot's Japanese name, "Enzai-kun" (えんザイくん), comes from "enzai" (冤罪), which means "false accusation". The "zai" is also derivative of "sai" (犀), meaning "rhinoceros".
  • The mascot's Chinese name, "Mòxīyǒu" (莫犀友), comes from "mòxūyǒu" (莫須有), which means "groundless accusation". The character "" (犀) means "rhinoceros".
  • A "bum rap" is a term for a false accusation (particularly if it results in imprisonment), while "Rhiny" comes from "rhinoceros".


  • Bum Rap Rhiny and Phony Phanty appear to be based on a defendant and a judge, respectively.
    • While never outright stated if this is the case or not, Bum Rap Rhiny may have been modelled after Phoenix Wright himself: not only Bum Rap Rhiny conspicuously wears a near identical blue suit and tie, just like Wright's trademark attire, but he was also specifically made to address false accusations; Phoenix Wright was himself a notorious past victim of a "Bum Rap" that costed him his Attorney's badge.
  • Apollo Justice is shown in The Magical Turnabout to have a Bum Rap Rhiny strap on his cell phone. The "Extras and DLC" menu of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice also shows a Bum Rap Rhiny sticker on his locker at the Wright Anything Agency, although it is not clear whether this depiction is supposed to be canonical.


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