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The CEO's office of KB Security was the office of Kane Bullard until his murder. It contained an alarm button that was linked to the building's security room and sounded a loud noise when pressed, summoning the guards to the scene immediately. It also contained a safe that only higher-ups could open, as well as sorting shelves for various files.


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Luke Atmey sought to kill Bullard and frame Ron DeLite for the deed. To this end, he sent an anonymous letter to DeLite to come to the CEO's office. He then visited Bullard and killed him with a blunt object. When DeLite arrived, he used a security card that he had gotten while employed at KB Security to enter the office, only to have Atmey knock him out, press the office alarm to alert the guards, and escape. However, the only guard on duty at the time failed to arrive at the scene. When DeLite came to, he discovered Bullard's body and, in a state of panic, hid it inside the safe and escaped as well.

DeLite soon turned himself in and, during the trial for the murder of Bullard, the prosecution argued that DeLite was the only one present in the room at the time of the murder, so he had to be the killer. However, DeLite's attorney took advantage of a slip-up on Luke Atmey's part to prove that he had also been present during the murder, causing Atmey to break down and admit his guilt.

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