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Bruto Cadaverini.

Viola mugshot

Viola Cadaverini.

Cadaverini is a family surname which may refer to:

Family history[]

  • 1940-1: Bruto Cadaverini is born.
  • 1993-4: Viola Cadaverini is born.
  • 2018:
    • September: Viola is gravely injured when Furio Tigre crashes his scooter into her car. Bruto demands that Tigre pay him one million dollars to cover the costs of her operation.
    • Viola becomes Furio Tigre's assistant at the Tender Lender loan company.
    • December 3: Tigre poisons a debtor, Glen Elg, at the restaurant Trés Bien. Viola assists in covering up the crime. Waitress Maggey Byrde is framed for the murder and convicted.
  • 2019:
    • January 7-8: Defense attorney Phoenix Wright appeals Byrde's case and questions Viola to learn the truth about the murder. Tigre is arrested. Viola takes over Tender Lender.


  • "Cadaverini" is Italian for "little corpses". The word is a variation of the Italian "cadavere", of which the English equivalent is "cadaver", a synonym of "corpse". Like the given names "Bruto" and "Viola", the choice of an Italian-inspired name is likely meant to be a reference to the Mafia.
  • The Japanese equivalent, "Shikabane" (鹿羽), comes from the Japanese word for "a corpse".

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