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Ah! Wright!! Welcome to the wonderful, the fabulous, the cafeteria!

The Berry Big Circus cafeteria is where the performers eat their meals. Phoenix Wright came here during his investigation into the murder of Russell Berry, the circus's ringmaster.

During Wright's investigation, the place was a mess since no one had cleaned up due to the murder. The tables were covered with used dishware and a couple of the stools were lying on the floor. The mess was also partly due to a fight between Max Galactica and Benjamin Woodman over Regina Berry's affections. In particular, a broken bottle lay in the middle of the floor, which Galactica had used to hit Woodman over the head.

On the wall was a "Keep Our Cafeteria Clean!" sign, which Wright and Maya Fey felt had not been given much attention. Fey suggested that it be changed to "Clean it or die!", which Wright felt would certainly have a stronger effect. Moe the clown added to the sign so that it read, "Keep Our Cafeteria Clean!?" The clown felt that that might be why the cafeteria was so dirty.

There was also a service window to the kitchen with a duty list posted for the staff to take turns cooking. On the day of the murder, Moe was planning on cooking his special "Moe Moo Burgers", which are "beefy burgers filled with laughs and a sauce that tastes like [his] jokes". Wright thought that this meant that they left just as bad of a taste in your mouth as his poor puns.

Against the wall was a stand with "MAX" written on it, but nothing on top of it. This was where the bust that Max Galactica had won at the Magician's Grand Prix was displayed. Galactica had intentionally placed it there to show what the others could accomplish with a little ambition, but they mistook it for arrogant bragging. The bust was stolen roughly three days before the murder by the circus monkey and stashed in Acro's Room, where it was later used to kill Russell Berry.

Against the adjacent wall was a bulletin board which had a photograph of the bust Galactica had won. It was also where the note Acro left for Regina was posted when the latter did not understand that it was meant for her. This lead to Russell Berry's murder when he found the note and went in his daughter's place, only to be killed accidentally by Acro.