A cameraman who recorded the Trucy in Gramarye-Land stage show for Take-2 TV . The cameraman was a huge fan of magician Bonny de Famme. The footage of the show that he recorded became important evidence during Trucy Wright's trial for the murder of Manov Mistree.

A perverse recording Edit

The cameraman was a fan of female magician Bonny de Famme, and so consequently kept his camera on and panned the camera over her, during her entire participation in "Trucy in Gramaye-Land". After the show, the cameraman gave a copy of this footage to Bonny herself as a "gift", an act which disturbed the young magician.

During their investigation into the death of Manov Mistree, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes travelled to Take-2 TV. A "perverted" cameraman who works there claimed to have gotten some good footage of Bonny de Famme during the show, and Justice internally comments that he doesn't wish to know what he "plans do with said footage".

During the eventual trial of Trucy Wright, Bonny presented the footage she got from the cameraman as a "creepy" gift. The defence team compared this footage to the main show footage, noting that there was a moment in the "gift footage" in which Bonny is startled by a spray of playing cards. This was the section of the performance in which Trucy swapped out her real sword for a rubber one. As this does not appear in the show footage, it proved that this section of the trick had been edited out of the show footage that was broadcast on TV.

Personality Edit

The cameraman had a "perverse" attraction for Bonny. He was rather forward about this "admiration" of his, as evidenced by his gifting of his footage to Bonny, and him talking openly about it to Justice and Cykes. The latter commented that he needed learn to "keep his personal feelings out of his work". Bonny herself was disturbed by the cameraman, and considered his focusing of the camera on her and subsequent gifting of the footage to be "creepy".

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