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Cameron Show is a SparkleStar enthusiast that Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey encountered during the Sparkle Land SparkleStar Show in which Flip Chambers was murdered.

TwinkleStar's murderEdit

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Show has been an enthusiast of all things related to the mascots of the Sparkle Land (SparkleStar, TwinkleStar, and HumongoStar) since at least since the age of 3, and claims to have recorded every show since he was that age and collected every item related to SparkleStar in the country.

One day, during a usual rendition of the SparkleStar Show, Show found Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey in his spot in the audience, but simply pushed his way between them and recorded the show as he normally did. However, during the show, "TwinkleStar" collapsed on the stage and a pool of blood formed. It transpired that the actor inside the suit had been stabbed to death. Although the show's hostess, Julie Henson, was accused of the crime, Wright successfully defended her in court and cleared her name, using Show's camera footage as vital evidence in the process.


  • His Japanese given name "Shōtarō" is likely a play on the word "show" (i.e., the SparkleStar Show). His English surname has the same meaning.[1]
  • "Cameron", his English given name, is a reference to the camera he uses.[1]


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