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Cammy Meele
*yawn* I'm awake, I'm awake........................zzz.

Cammy Meele was a sleepy flight attendant who was aboard iFly Airlines Flight I-390 when the death of Akbey Hicks occurred.

Borginia and the smuggling ring[]

Meele studied abroad in Borginia at some point in her life, becoming fluent in the local language. She eventually became involved with an international smuggling ring, using her job as an air hostess at iFly Airlines to aid the criminal group in the smuggling of priceless artifacts and the forging of documents. As a flight attendant, she was occasionally in charge of First Class, but her laziness meant that the only real job to which she was entrusted was to handle "Borginian stuff", due to her ability to speak and write the language.

Killing Akbey Hicks[]

Main article: Turnabout Airlines

An unplanned homicide.

During one flight, Meele was ordered to help Interpol agent Akbey Hicks with an investigation of the plane's cargo hold. When Hicks began to take pictures of the cargo hold, Meele panicked and pushed him off the elevated staircase to the floor below, killing him. Meele proceeded to cover her tracks and pin the blame on Rhoda Teneiro, a fellow flight attendant. Knowing that Teneiro purchased a suitcase from the souvenir shop on each flight she was on, Meele stashed Hicks's corpse in an identical suitcase from the cargo hold, intending to switch it with the suitcase her fellow flight attendant would buy, leaving Teneiro with the incriminating evidence. She also stole Hicks's cell phone, which she later planted in Teneiro's locker. Hicks's blood was wiped away with a piece of cloth from some Borginian cargo meant to be offloaded at Zheng Fa, and the spot was subsequently covered by the phony Alif Red statue that Meele's smuggling allies had placed on board the plane.

Unfortunately for her, whilst in the elevator, the plane underwent a period of high turbulence, and the suitcase burst open. The corpse fell out and his belongings were spread all over the elevator. Meele decided to make the elevator seem like the crime scene. She left the corpse as it was, cleaned out the suitcase, placed it in the gift shop and used a piggy bank from the gift shop cabinet to fabricate a murder weapon by smearing it in blood. She then planted Hicks's travel wallet on Miles Edgeworth, who had the misfortune to have been rendered unconscious by the turbulence in the lounge.

Edgeworth got involved in the investigation after Teneiro obtained permission for him to do so. However, when Meele found out that Teneiro lied about obtaining said permission, she injected herself into the investigation. Meele told Edgeworth that she had seen Hicks at 5 a.m. and spent most of her time with the prosecutor, trying subtly to steer the suspicion onto Teneiro. Eventually, however, Edgeworth figured out that Meele was responsible not only for killing Hicks, but also for aiding the smuggling ring. Meele was promptly arrested.


Cammy Meele mugshot


Cammy Meele appeared to be a very sleepy woman at first glance, often falling asleep while being talked to and even nodding off while standing, with snot bubbles appearing whilst her long hair was drooped over her face. Meele also constantly carried a doll of her airline's mascot, Mr. Ifly, around with her.

However, this was all an act to make herself seem harmless, as Meele was in truth a cunning individual, with her "snot bubbles" actually being soap bubbles she was blowing underneath her hair. Meele was also a very possessive woman, becoming very jealous if another woman even so much as talked to her boyfriend, the captain of Flight I-390.


Cammy has long, messy, sandy brown hair and brown eyes, which are dull and pupil-less while she's pretending to be sleepy, though she has pupils after dropping the facade. She wears a white miniskirt suit with small silver buttons and larger purple ones. Her suit is heavily unbuttoned, exposing her bust. She wears a white cap with a blue circle, a blue scarf with white stripes tied in a bow, round purple earrings, and white heels with a purple bow. She carries a Mr. Ifly doll, and later a green bubble pipe and bubble solution in a purple bottle.


  • Japanese - Wakana Shiraoto (白音若菜):
    • "Shiraoto" (白音) means "white noise" in Japanese, which may symbolize how she hears other people, as she constantly appears to fall asleep when they talk.
  • English - Cammy Meele:
    • Her full English name may be a pun on chamomile, which can be made into tea that is used by some people as a sleep aid.


  • French - Jessica Maumille:
    • Her name in the unofficial French translation is "Jessica Maumille," which is also a pun on "chamomile" ("camomille" in French)
  • Russian - Sonya Meele (Соня Мил):
    • Her name in the unofficial Russian translation is "Sonya Meele" ("Соня Мил"). While "Sonya" is a short form of the name "Sophia" in Russian, it also can mean "heavy sleeper".


  • Originally, when aggravated, Meele's long hair was to turn into a large intimidating form, similar to that of the ghost of Dahlia Hawthorne.
  • Sketches show the plush toy she carries as being a teddy bear in some designs and a rabbit in others.
  • Humorously, during her breakdown animation, it is possible to see her Mr. Ifly doll holding its hat whilst being flung around in her arms.
  • Meele holds the dubious honor of being the only character who is both an investigative partner and the true culprit in a case. She is also the only partner character that purposely tries to mislead the main character's investigation for their own ends. However, she is not considered a partner by gameplay, as she does not follow Miles around, and there is no "partner" button.
  • Her "sleep/snot bubbles" might make more sense in the game's original Japanese release or to those familiar with Japanese media. A bubble of snot from one nostril that inflates and deflates in sync with a character's breathing or snoring (and that pops when the character awakens) is often used in Japanese media in the same way that "Zzz" is used in Western media. Yanni Yogi is another Ace Attorney character that produces "sleep bubbles" (notably also using them as a front to make himself appear harmless).
  • Meele is the only culprit in either Investigations installment for whom the "Presto" variant of the questioning theme does not play when delivering a testimony (although it does play during the final confrontation with her).

Cultural references[]

  • When Meele "falls asleep" in the plane's gift shop Edgeworth refers to her as "Cousin Hair". This is likely meant to be a reference to the character of Cousin Itt from The Addams Family, namely the way that Meele's hair covering her face when she "sleeps" makes her bear a resemblance to the hirsute fictional character.