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Candice Arme was a police detective specializing in bomb disposal. A witness to the murder of Clay Terran, she was set to testify in the subsequent trial of Solomon Starbuck in Courtroom No. 4, but the courtroom was attacked with a bomb before she could be called to testify. She was later found dead amongst the debris of Courtroom No. 4.

Attack on the Cosmos Space Center[]

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Shooting at Cosmos.

Detectives Candice Arme and Bobby Fulbright were called to the Cosmos Space Center after a bomb threat was made against it to the Center's director, Yuri Cosmos. Despite the heavy police presence in the building, two bombs went off on the night of the launch of the HAT-2 rocket. During the ensuing evacuation, Arme headed to the boarding lounge and discovered two astronauts lying motionless on the floor: Solomon Starbuck and Clay Terran. The latter was dead, having been stabbed in the chest with a knife.

As she entered the lounge, Arme noticed a mysterious figure lurking in the darkness. Not realizing that the figure was Yuri Cosmos, she fired two warning shots at him. One bullet ruptured Terran's oxygen tank, while the other miraculously bounced off Cosmos's medal. The startled director escaped into the control room, doubled back to the elevators, and returned to the lounge through the entrance that Arme had used, making it appear as if he had been the second to enter the crime scene. Arme then discovered a third bomb, an HH-3000, in the boarding lounge disguised as a Phony Phanty toy and disarmed it.


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Confronting Ted Tonate.

Solomon Starbuck was soon put on trial for Terran's murder. To prepare for the trial, Arme tasked Ted Tonate with bringing the HH-3000 bomb to use as evidence. However, she caught Tonate trying to steal the bomb, intending on selling it on the black market. As she confronted him, Tonate panicked and struck her across the head with the bomb. As she lay on the courtroom floor dying, Arme used the last of her strength to write Tonate's serial number on the ground. Tonate then hid the detective's body inside the bomb transport case, knowing that nobody but him could look inside, before stealing the bomb as planned.

Dead Arme

As found by the police.

During Starbuck's trial, the bomb mysteriously reactivated, but everyone present was able to evacuate before Courtroom No. 4 was destroyed. Tonate saw his chance to plant Arme's body inside the courtroom ruins to make it appear as if she had been caught in the blast and had died due to head trauma from a piece of rubble. The next day, Juniper Woods was charged with causing the bombing and put on trial. During this trial, she and Apollo Justice returned to Courtroom No. 4 to search for her Bum Rap Rhiny doll. Eventually, Woods had to leave to give testimony. Justice continued his search alone and found Arme's dying message.

Finding him nosing about the crime scene, Tonate attacked Justice by striking him on the head. He then used some of Justice's blood to adjust Arme's final message so that it instead spelled out "Woods". Unfortunately for him, the recently reinstated veteran defense attorney Phoenix Wright was able to piece together what had actually happened, and Tonate was arrested for the bombing of Courtroom No. 4 and the murder of Candice Arme. However, Tonate insisted on his innocence for the bombing, and indeed Wright would eventually learn that it had actually been an international spy known only as the "phantom" who had reactivated the bomb. His motive was to destroy the moon rock evidence that was stained with his blood from the UR-1 Incident.


Hozumi Kaku mugshot


Although not much is known about the type of person Candice Arme was, she appeared to have a strong sense of justice and would not hesitate to take decisive action in dangerous situations, as indicated by her quickly firing upon the "culprit" of the Space Center bombing, as well as her fatal confrontation with Tonate about his attempted theft of the HH-3000 bomb. Furthermore, it was suggested (inaccurately) that her death, apparently as a result of the courtroom bombing, was due to her staying until the last second to help guide civilians to safety, indicating that Arme was a detective with a respectable reputation.


  • Japanese - Hozumi Kaku (賀来 ほずみ):
    • Her full name may be a play on the phrase "kakuho zumi" (確保済み), which means "been secured", a possible reference to her job requiring her to secure bombs and the safety of the public. Additionally, her surname comes from "kakusu" (隠す), meaning "conceal", and her first name comes from "sumi" (隅), which means "corner"; these may be references to her body being "concealed" amongst the rubble of the courtroom.
  • English - Candice Arme:
    • Her full name is a play on "can disarm", a reference to her job as a bomb disposal specialist.
  • French - Elsa Coffré:
    • Her full name is a play on "elle les a coffrés", which means "she jailed them" in French. It is close to the Japanese original meaning since "Coffré" also literally means "in a safe" or "in a chest".
  • German - Anne Cherve:
    • Her full name is a play on the German word "entschärft", which means "disarmed".


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Lurdes Harma: [1]
    • "Lurdes" is a name of French origin and means "the one who deserves all praise".
    • "Harma" is an invented surname and close to the word "arma" (gun/weapon).
    • Her name is a pun on "desarma" (disarm), because she is an expert in disarming bombs.