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[[Category:Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies|Arme, Candice]]
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[[Category:2000s births|Arme, Candice]]

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Candice Arme was a detective found dead near the debris of Courtroom No. 4 after a planted bomb destroyed it. Arme was in charge of the bomb for the trial that was being held in that courtroom.


  • Her Japanese surname comes from "kakusu" (隠す), meaning "conceal", and her first name comes from "sumi" (隅), which means "corner".
  • Her name also could mean "kakuho zumi" (確保済み) with the words "evident" (確), "protect" (保) and "finish" (済) derived from the phrase, considering her occupation as a detective.
  • Her full English name sounds like "can disarm", which relates to her profession as a bomb specialist.


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