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The caretaker's shack is the interior of the Gourd Lake boat rental shop. It was the home of former court bailiff Yanni Yogi, who put on a façade of senility and would pretend that he thought the shack was a pasta shop called "The Wet Noodle".

Inside of the shack, there was a television that didn't work and, in the winter, was replaced by a mini-fridge that also didn't work. On top of the television was a safe, the combination of which was the date of the DL-6 Incident. This later proved to be a valuable clue in court to how important that date was to him.

During their investigation into a murder at the lake, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey found their way to the shack. Yanni Yogi, who was masquerading as a senile old man at that time, pretended to think that Wright and Fey were his children "Keith" and "Meg", respectively. He also pretended to mistake Detective Dick Gumshoe with "Terry", the "kid next door". Wright, hoping to glean information about the case from this strange old man, went along with the charade by promising to take care of "The Wet Noodle" when the old man passed away.

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