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Cargo from Zheng Fa was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Akbey Hicks.

Akbey Hicks's murder[]

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From 4 AM to 5 AM, Central European Time, Flight I-390 stopped in Zheng Fa to refuel and load and unload cargo. During this time, Cammy Meele, a flight attendant and smuggling ring member, had the real Alif Red statue unloaded for her compatriots in the ring to take it away. However, Interpol agent Akbey Hicks decided to come to the cargo hold at this time, while the fake statue was away. Hicks then began to take pictures of the hold from the entrance, sending Meele into a panic. She pushed him off the railing to the floor below, killing him. She then wiped away the blood left by Hicks's fall with a piece of Borginian cloth that was to be unloaded and loaded a fake Alif Red statue on board right where Hicks had fallen and the real Alif Red used to be. She also had the crate of Borginian cloth unloaded.

While Edgeworth was investigating the murder, Meele told him that no one had gotten on or off in during the layover. Later on, at the cargo hold, Edgeworth watched as Zinc Lablanc angrily tried to tackle a guard, and fell off the railing at the entrance, though he survived thanks to the presence of some cargo from Zheng Fa. He then figured out that this was also how Hicks had died.

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