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Flight I-390 Cargo Hold
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Flight I-390's cargo hold is the iFly Airlines plane's cargo storage area. The Alif Red statue was transported on board the plane via the cargo hold.

Smuggling of the Alif Red[]

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On March 12, 2019, the art dealer Zinc Lablanc took the Alif Red statue on board iFly Airlines Flight I-390 to transport it from Borginia to the United States. Meanwhile, Interpol assigned Agent Akbey Hicks to the plane in order to collect evidence that an international smuggling ring was using iFly Airlines to smuggle artifacts, such as the Alif Red. Indeed, when the plane stopped at an airport in Zheng Fa to refuel, members of the ring stole the Alif Red; with the help of Cammy Meele, who had been planted on the plane as a flight attendant put in charge of inventory, they replaced it with a fake. Shortly after the plane took off again, Hicks revealed his identity to Meele and had her escort him to the cargo hold to investigate it. However, when he began to take pictures of the false Alif Red from the stairway entrance, Meele panicked and pushed him over the railing to his death.

Meele then stuffed the body into one of the suitcases that were being stored in the hold, and brought in into an elevator in order to find a place to hide it. However, a brief period of turbulence caused the body to fall out of the suitcase, so Meele abandoned her original plan and instead placed the victim's wallet into the pocket of another passenger, who had fallen unconscious from the turbulence. Unfortunately for Meele, that passenger turned out to be a high-ranking and skilled prosecutor called Miles Edgeworth, who ran an independent investigation into the murder and soon revealed Meele's crimes.