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Carl Caesar is an employee with "Stuffed! TV", where he works as the producer for the "Gormand Battle" televised eating competition. After one of the contestants was poisoned during a live broadcast, one of Caesar's employees, Kevin Hattori, was arrested as the prime suspect.


  • His Japanese given name "Shimon" is a play on "shimon'ya", a Japanese street vendor selling cheap food, while his surname "Michizane" comes from "michi", meaning "street" (i.e., where a shimon'ya would sell their wares).
  • The character's Japanese name made the English localizers think of fast food, and so his English name of "Carl Caesar" comes from Carl's Jr. and Little Caesars.
  • His full French name is a phonetic spoonerism of "Cinémas Gaumont", in reference to his job as a TV producer.


  • The English localizers also considered "Carl Rubio" and "Carl LaRosa" as names, but thought that the references to Rubio's Coastal Grill and LaRosa's Pizzeria would be too local and not very widely familiar.

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