Carmine Accidenti
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Carmine Accidenti
If anything happens to me, go and see this man. He should be able to help.

Carmine Accidenti is a detective with an Italian accent who was a former student of Hershel Layton's. He sought out his former teacher's help in saving Espella Cantabella and solving the mystery of Labyrinthia.


  • "Jikōru", his surname in the Japanese version, is probably derived from "jiko" (事故), meaning "accident."
  • His full English name is a play on "car accident", in reference to his being injured when his car crashed. This is even referenced in Reunion, the first of the special downloadable episodes for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
  • His French given name (Giovanni) likely comes from his given name in the Japanese version (Jobanni).
  • "Will Crash", his full German name, comes from the English phrase "[he] will crash".
  • His Spanish surname is a play on "fatal".
  • His Italian surname (Fate) comes from the English word "fate", but also means "to do/make/act" in Italian. Although his surname is different in all of the game's localizations, his English surname, Accidenti, would have lacked the intended meaning in the Italian version, as it is comparable to the word "damn" in that language.
  • His surname in the Dutch version, "Malheur", comes from the French for "malheur" which means "misfortune". The same word means "mishap" in German.

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