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For the purposes of this category, a case is an incident (as defined in Category:Incidents) that is investigated by the player during the course of an Ace Attorney game, through one or more investigation and/or trial chapters. When a case involves only one investigation day, information on that investigation is bundled up with the information about the case itself. Similarly, a case involving only one trial day will have information on that trial bundled up with the case information. A separate incident that is related only to one case may also have its information bundled up with the related case's information (in many instances, a case is related to a past incident).

This category is technically out-of-universe in nature (i.e. about a subject outside the experiences of the fictional characters within the story). However, it is also a subcategory of Category:Incidents, an in-universe category. Incidents that are cases should be placed in this subcategory rather than Category:Incidents.

Typically, cases and game episodes / anime arcs line up one-to-one, in which case there will be one article for both out-of-universe episode content and in-universe incident content. These cases are generally self-contained, with investigations and/or trials playing out over the course of one episode, and little impact on major characters or the broader narratives and meta-narrative of the series. However, in some cases, an episode involves multiple cases, which generally have a more significant broader impact. These cases merit separate pages from other cases and episodes, complete with descriptions of the incident, any investigations and trials, the aftermath, and resolutions. There is even an instance of two cases being covered over two episodes, with each case and episode in question having its own article.

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