Articles relating to music in the Ace Attorney series.

Notable types of music include:

  • Court Begins themes, which play at the very beginning of a trial before any witness testimony is given and could be considered the leitmotifs of the judge.
  • Cross-Examination themes, which is the music that plays during cross-examinations. These themes have usually 2 variants, called "Cross-Examination ~ Moderato" and "Cross-Examination ~ Allegro". However, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has a third variant, called "Perceive ~ Surge, Eyes". Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Gyakuten Kenji 2 have a third variant, called "Confrontation ~ Presto", which is typically used for the final testimony in each case, albeit with some exceptions.
  • Objection! themes, which play whenever a protagonist points out a contradiction of the facts in a witness's testimony early in a trial or argument. Most of these can also be considered the letmotifs of the character in question.
  • Confess the Truth themes play during trials and arguments, usually when the protagonist has reached a conclusion that incriminates a witness. As a result of this, it is usually one of the more dramatic pieces.
  • Pursuit themes is a series of musical themes that normally play during a trial chapter's climax when the protagonist submits the final decisive evidence to end the trial.

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