Some people may know that I'm frequently concerned about the lengths of the episode articles. Over the past few weeks, I hacked at Turnabout Target and The Imprisoned Turnabout and both have turned out rather long even compared to articles of episodes of similar length. I've been attempting a strategy of having the articles double as pseudo-guides, giving the answers at least by implication, since they tend to be the most important parts of an episode's narrative. There would still need to be other details filled in to keep the article's narrative coherent, though. Anyway, I'm getting the sense that this strategy is failing. It seems that even just the answers tend to ramble, since a lot of answers are in the context of recaps and/or presenting evidence of things that are already known. Other sequences of answers could probably be summed up in shorter blurbs, especially in stuff like Logic Chess. This seems like a good refinement of the kind of strategy that I and other editors could find useful in employing. (Though, to be fair, what was done with The Imprisoned Turnabout before me rambled on a LOT more.)

A related thing I've been wondering about is how to deal with cases where an episode has multiple cases/trials, as well as the recent conundrum of The Cosmic Turnabout and Turnabout for Tomorrow, which focus on the same two cases. In such cases, I think it may help to transfer the content of such an episode to articles of separate trials. As a relatively clear-cut example, the page The Stolen Turnabout would have the lead section describing the episode as normal, but the various sections would be designed mainly to direct the reader to the articles of the trials. I think almost all trials deserve their own articles, anyway, and it would help to cut down on the lengths of some of these pages. Some edge cases like Turnabout Goodbyes, which has a second DL-6 trial tacked onto the end, may not really benefit from such a treatment, but some other pages might. It might even work in some fashion for The Cosmic Turnabout and Turnabout for Tomorrow.

capefeather (talk) 02:56, December 4, 2013 (UTC)