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Cece Yew was an Amano Group employee and the victim of the KG-8 Incident.


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Yew was an employee of the Amano Group, but she discovered evidence of a smuggling ring involving members of the company and went to the police to testify about what she had seen. Fearing retaliation, the police assigned veteran detective Tyrell Badd to her as protection. In response to the ensuing scandal, the leader of the smuggling ring, Quercus Alba, sent another member of the ring, Manny Coachen, to silence Yew. He succeeded, but was caught on tape entering her apartment with a knife. Coachen was arrested for Yew's murder and put on trial, with Byrne Faraday as the prosecutor and Tyrell Badd as the detective. However, Ernest Amano, a financier of the smuggling ring, sent some of his agents to steal the tape, and Coachen was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.


Alba placed one of his agents to pose as Yew's sister, calling herself Calisto Yew. Her reactions to Coachen's trial were convincing enough that Faraday and Badd approached her to form a vigilante group. "Calisto" eventually agreed to join them under Alba's orders, and the three became the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Three years later, the agent was forced to betray the Yatagarasu, killing Faraday and then escaping Badd's wrath. Badd later uncovered "Calisto"'s deception in that Cece Yew never had a sister.

Ten years after Yew's death, Ernest Amano was arrested, and Badd searched Amano's house and found the tape showing Manny Coachen entering Yew's apartment. A prosecutor working for Alba, Jacques Portsman, tried to take the tape and some old files from Faraday's old office, but the office's new owner, Miles Edgeworth, soon implicated him for murder and retrieved the tape. Shortly after that, Yew's killer, Coachen, was found dead. While working on this case, Miles Edgeworth identified Coachen as Yew's killer, had "Calisto Yew" arrested, and brought Quercus Alba to justice, finally finishing the task that Cece Yew had started ten years earlier.


  • Her Japanese surname, "Kazura" (葛), is the Japanese word for creeping or climbing plants such as ivy or vines. It was likely chosen to fit with the plant-based name of "Calisto Yew"'s superior. With different kanji it means "wig", which suits "Calisto"'s changing appearance.
  • Her English name is possibly a play on "see you", which could refer to her witnessing of her boss's illegal activities. Alternatively, "see you" could be a farewell, due to her death. Other possibilities are "CCU" (which can stand for "Camera Control Unit", possibly as a reference to her murderer being caught on tape) and "cease you" (since she was prevented from revealing what she knew about the Amano Group).
  • In the unofficial French fan translation, her name is "Orphée Éria". "Orphée" is the French version of the name Orpheus which means "the darkness of the night" and "Éria" is the name of a genus of orchids.