A photograph of Celeste Inpax was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Juan Corrida.

The photograph was taken and given to Matt Engarde at the time he and Inpax were dating. The enscription "With Love... Celeste" is written on it.

The photograph was normally resting in Engarde Mansion's private lounge, where it was found by Maya Fey during her attempt to escape from her kidnapper, Shelly de Killer. Although de Killer forced her back into the wine cellar, Maya managed to take the photo with her, and wrote a message to her friend Phoenix Wright on the back of the frame. In the message, she asked Wright not to worry about her and to get Engarde the guilty verdict he deserved, otherwise she would never forgive him. She finished by asking her cousin Pearl to look after Wright for her.

After Wright and Miles Edgeworth broke into Engarde Mansion in an attempt to rescue Maya, they found the photo hidden in the wine cellar, having been left behind during de Killer's hurried getaway. The picture allowed Wright to figure out more connections between Engarde, Corrida and Inpax, as well as the reason why Adrian Andrews would want to frame Engarde for Corrida's murder.

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