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Celeste... was my mentor. She was a strong woman... She wouldn't kill herself over any old trifling matter...

Celeste Inpax was Adrian Andrews's mentor, former lover to Matt Engarde, and Juan Corrida's fiancée. She committed suicide when Corrida called off their wedding, which played a large role in his murder two years later.


Inpax and Engarde.

Celeste Inpax and Adrian Andrews worked at Global Studios together. Inpax was Andrews's mentor, but Andrews began to develop an unhealthy dependence on Inpax.

Inpax was manager to actor Matt Engarde. The two dated, but unbeknown to Inpax, Engarde was merely using her to service his own career before ending their relationship. After the relationship ended, Inpax moved to Worldwide Studios to avoid scandal, and became the manager of Engarde's rival, Juan Corrida. The two developed a romantic relationship and eventually became engaged. Upon learning this, Engarde, intending to hurt his rival, revealed their past relationship to him days after the engagement. Corrida immediately canceled the wedding. Heartbroken by this, Inpax told her friends, "It looks like I may have been caught by an insidious man..." before hanging herself.


Corrida discovering Inpax's body.

Corrida discovered the body first and saw his chance to ruin Engarde. He forged a suicide note to use as ammunition later, and then hid it within a bear-shaped puzzle box, an object that only Andrews would come to know how to open. The note mentioned the misdeeds of Matt Engarde that had eventually driven her to suicide; Corrida intended to disguise himself as Engarde by dressing as his character, the Nickel Samurai, and attending a press conference after the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel, in which he would reveal the note and expose Engarde as the cold and manipulative individual he was.

Traces of ink on Inpax's hand led police to believe that she had left a suicide note, although she had not actually written one. Suspicions were soon raised on the basis of this supposed last message, and rumors began that Corrida had hidden it from the public.


Main article: Farewell, My Turnabout

Inpax's suicide had a serious effect on Adrian Andrews. She became lost and vulnerable without her mentor, and eventually attempted suicide herself. When her attempt failed, Andrews started attending counseling sessions. Before long, tabloids began to report rumors of Andrews (who had since become Engarde's manager) and Corrida being engaged in a romantic affair, and digging up information about Inpax's suicide as a result. This was actually an attempt by Andrews to obtain the suicide note from Corrida so that she could burn it and preserve her mentor's dignity.

At the third annual Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, Corrida tried to put his plan into action. Unfortunately for him, Engarde had found out, and had hired an assassin named Shelly de Killer to kill his rival in order to preserve his own "refreshing as a spring breeze" public persona. Andrews manipulated the crime scene to frame Engarde, resulting in his arrest. In response, de Killer kidnapped Phoenix Wright's assistant Maya Fey in order to blackmail the attorney into defending Engarde. Engarde was tried as the killer and almost got away with Corrida's murder, but Wright eventually managed to turn his hired assassin against his employer. Engarde soon confessed in order to escape the killer's wrath and was convicted of hiring an assassin. The man that had caused Inpax to kill herself had now been brought to justice.


  • Her Japanese surname, "Amano", means "of heaven". This is probably a reference to her being deceased.
  • "Celeste" and "Céleste" come from the Latin word "caelestis", meaning "heavenly". They were probably chosen because of her celestial-based Japanese surname. "Céleste" is even the French word for "celestial".
  • "Pax" is the Latin word for "peace", which would make her name "Celeste Inpeace", which sounds similar to "rest in peace", referencing her death.
  • Her full English name, "Celeste Inpax", could also be a play on "celestial impact". This could be a reference to the conflict between Juan Corrida and Matt Engarde, two television "stars".
  • Her full French name may be a play on "la voûte céleste", which means "canopy of heaven" (in reference to the visible part of the celestial sphere).


  • In the Ace Attorney anime adaptation, Inpax was changed to be Adrian Andrews' older sister, with her name being "Yurie Kamiya" (華宮 由利恵) in the original Japanese version of the show.
  • In the stage play adaptation of Farewell, My Turnabout, Inpax was changed to be Adrian Andrews' cousin and was raised by the latter's parents.