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Channeling Chamber
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The Channeling Chamber is a candle-filled and windowless room in Fey Manor in which meetings between spirits and people occur with the aid of a medium. It was designed to allow the containment of a possessed medium if she found herself unable to control a channelled spirit.

A noticeable feature of the room is an ancient folding screen with lettering on it that includes the word "Kurain". This folding screen contains the Kurain Sacred Writings, and is an heirloom of Kurain Village along with the Kurain Sacred Urn. When Turner Grey was killed here, the screen was damaged when a bullet passed through it. However, this was an important piece of evidence that helped Phoenix Wright work out who the true culprit in the case was.

There is also an altar with a mirror-like object with a cloudy reflective surface, and branches of a sacred tree set in a pre-determined arrangement. These are items that are offered to the spirits and apparently will become cursed if someone such as Wright touches them, at least according to Morgan Fey.

The only entrance to the room is via a sturdy and heavy door that is securely locked during a channeling from the inside with a one-of-a-kind key. This is to protect those outside the room if the channeling goes wrong.

It was in this room that the murder of Turner Grey occurred as part of the plot to remove Maya Fey from the position as the future Master of the Kurain School of Channeling.

Chamber Map

An overview map of the Channeling Chamber.


  • Only the medium and her client are allowed to be present at a summoning.
  • The music used for this location is "Kurain Village".
  • The Channeling Chamber has three different background images. The first is the one seen on this page and is seen before the murder. The second image is seen when Wright breaks down the door and is identical except for the sprawled body of Grey on the floor, lying in a pool of his own blood. The post-murder and final image used for the rest of the case is the same as the first, except for a large bloodstain where the doctor's body was.