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Constable Barton, I don't want agreement. I want answers!

Chelmey is a rather gruff police inspector working for Scotland Yard whom Hershel Layton has encountered many times in the past. Constable Barton is his subordinate.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chelmey is a rigid inspector who prefers to play things by the book. In spite of this, or perhaps due to it, he is feared by criminals throughout the London area. He may be an uncompromising inspector, but at home with his wife Amelie, Chelmey is the model loving husband. When he wraps up a case he loves to celebrate with his wife's sweet-potato fritters. He greatly admired his mentor Gilbert, but a reckless decision of his in a past case caused the latter's death. Gilbert's son Barton is a source of constant frustration to Chelmey, but the two undoubtedly have a strong bond.

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