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This article is about the chief of Criminal Affairs. For another person addressed as "Chief", see Mia Fey. For the former Chief of Police, see Damon Gant.
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The chief is the head of the Los Angeles Criminal Affairs Department, and can most commonly be found sitting in front of his computer reading news articles. He seems to rely on his computer for information about what is going on in the world and is often shocked by news on things he should really already know about (such as a case his department is working on).

The chief is perhaps most notable as the creator of the Blue Badger, the mascot of the police force.

A father-daughter outing[]

Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

The Chief and his daughter at Gatewater Land.

During Miles Edgeworth's investigation into an alleged kidnapping at the Blue Badger theme park Gatewater Land, the chief could be seen visiting with his daughter. Although the chief was excited to see the extent to which his creation had become famous, his daughter was rather frightened of the mascot.


Despite being in a position of power, the chief often seems to be just as clueless as, if not more than, his subordinate Dick Gumshoe, not to mention just as excitable. Being the creator of the Blue Badger, he will happily talk at length about his creation to anyone who so much as looks at the Blue Badger doll beside his desk. Although he is intensely proud of his creation, his daughter apparently cried when she first saw the Blue Badger.