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This article is about the chief of Criminal Affairs. For another person addressed as "Chief", see Mia Fey. For the former Chief of Police, see Damon Gant.
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Something wrong, miss? Hmm? Turning yourself in? Okay, what did you do? Shoplifting? Larceny? Public indecency...?
Maya Fey
N-no! None of those things! [...] ... Do I look like a criminal or something?

The chief is the head of the Los Angeles Criminal Affairs Department, and can most commonly be found sitting in front of his computer using it for purposes other than work (e.g., messaging a pen pal, looking at news articles, or playing chess). He seems to rely on his computer for information about what is going on in the world and is often shocked by information he should already know, including information concerning cases his department is working on.

The chief is perhaps most notable as the creator of the Blue Badger, the mascot of the police force.

Wright's first visit[]

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Wha...!? "Gourd Lake...!" "Gourdy sighted"!!! I don't believe it!
Phoenix Wright
(Shouldn't you be reading something more important...?)
Police Station

The Criminal Affairs Department.

During their investigation into the murder of Robert Hammond, defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya Fey visited the Criminal Affairs Department to ask Detective Dick Gumshoe questions about the case, only for the chief to immediately assume that Fey was turning herself in for a crime, guessing that she was guilty of shoplifting, larceny, or public indecency. A shocked Fey denied having committed any such crimes, and explained that they were there to speak with Gumshoe, only to be told he was going to be in a meeting for some time. However, the chief did not appear to fully accept her innocence, telling Fey to go straight home and refrain from any more shoplifting, causing her to wonder if she looked like a criminal.

The chief kept a Blue Badger doll on his desk, which he enthusiastically explained was his idea and creation, and that he hoped to have it assigned as the mascot of the Criminal Affairs Department "if it's the last thing [he does]", for which a confused and overwhelmed Wright wished him luck. Seeing the chief glued to his computer screen, Wright was shocked to find out that he was reading and voicing his surprise about the sighting of Gourdy at Gourd Lake, with Wright wondering if the head of the department should perhaps be reading something more important.

After the first day of Miles Edgeworth's trial for Hammond's murder, Wright returned to the Criminal Affairs Department once again to speak with Gumshoe, only to be told that he had returned to the crime scene at Gourd Lake after getting into a fight with the chief for not following protocol; Wright suspected that the detective had been unwilling to help his colleagues build a case against Edgeworth. The chief himself was once again transfixed by his computer, this time shocked by being beaten in a game of chess.

A dream realized[]

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Incident at Gatewater Imperial Hotel[]

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Incident at Trés Bien[]

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A father-daughter outing[]

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The chief and his daughter at Gatewater Land.

During Miles Edgeworth's investigation into an alleged kidnapping at the Blue Badger theme park Gatewater Land, the chief could be seen visiting with his daughter. Although the chief was excited to see the extent to which his creation had become famous, his daughter was rather frightened of the mascot.


That's the "Blue Badger"! It was my idea! I made it! It's my mascot! [...] I'll get him assigned mascot of the Criminal Affairs Dept. if it's the last thing I do!

Despite being in a position of power and authority, the chief often seems to be just as clueless as, if not more than, his subordinate Detective Gumshoe, not to mention just as excitable. He doesn't take his work as seriously as he should, getting distracted by irrelevant things on his computer, such as playing chess or watching his favorite Asian soap-operas. Being the creator of the Blue Badger, he will happily talk at length about his creation to anyone who so much as looks at the Blue Badger doll beside his desk. Although he is intensely proud of his creation, his daughter apparently cried when she first saw the Blue Badger.