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The Chief's office belonged to the former Los Angeles Chief of Police, Damon Gant. Before that, when Gant was a deputy police chief, he shared this office with fellow detective Lana Skye. Prosecutor Neil Marshall was killed here during the events of the SL-9 Incident. A cleaning lady maintains the office daily.


When Neil Marshall received the King of Prosecutors Trophy, he had a photo taken with Damon Gant and Lana Skye, which hangs on a wall at the back of the room. The floor of the Chief's room has the design of the prosecutor's badge on it. However, the most notable element of the room is the large pipe organ at the back, which Gant was fond of playing loudly.

Other than the items taken by Lana Skye when she moved to the Prosecutor's Building, her side of the office remains unchanged from when she left. A photograph of Lana and her little sister Ema at an amusement park sits on a shelf on Lana's side of the office.

Marshall's death[]

Main article: SL-9 Incident

What Ema thought she saw.

The body of Neil Marshall.

Joe Darke, a suspected serial killer, escaped from the police station interrogation room while being questioned by Gant and Neil Marshall, and he blindly ran into the joint office of Gant and Skye. Ema Skye was there waiting for her older sister, but before Darke could get to her, he was attacked by Marshall, who had caught up with him. While it was too dark for Ema to see the faces of the two men, she saw that one of them was in control, holding a knife over the other. She assumed that the figure was Darke, and she pushed the man to the floor, knocking over an unstable jar but not shattering it. However, she had, in fact, pushed Marshall.

All three people lost consciousness after hitting the hard floor. Gant was the first to discover the scene. Seeing that he could use the situation to further his career and control the prosecutor's office, he cut out a piece of cloth from Marshall's jacket that had Ema's handprint on it, then impaled Marshall on a ceremonial suit of armor in the room. He also wrote Ema's name on the jar in Marshall's blood and smashed it into large pieces. He then put the jacket cloth and the most blood-stained piece of the jar in his safe as insurance.

Lana Skye then entered the room and, after looking at the crime scene, she assumed that Ema had accidentally pushed Neil to his death. She took a picture of the crime scene as she had discovered it, with Marshall's body impaled on the suit of armor. She then asked Gant to help her cover up the crime scene and he agreed. They moved the body and the unconscious Darke to the other side of the room, and planted the broken tip of Darke's knife into Marshall's wound to implicate Darke as the killer. The plan succeeded, and the police arrested Darke again and convicted him for the murder of Neil Marshall. He was later executed for the one crime he had not committed. Gant used the incident to get himself promoted to Chief of Police and Lana to Chief Prosecutor. With his own power over the police and his blackmailing of Lana over Ema's "crime", Gant had complete control over law enforcement.


Main article: Rise from the Ashes

Two years later, Gant murdered Bruce Goodman in a panic after the latter asked him to re-open the SL-9 Incident. He set Lana up to take the blame. However, Lana's lawyer Phoenix Wright, whom Ema had hired to help her sister, began investigating both the present murder and that of Neil Marshall, eventually finding that he would have to investigate Gant's office.

Detective Dick Gumshoe put his job at stake by giving Wright his I.D. card to allow the defense attorney to enter and search the room. Inside Gant's safe, Wright found the two pieces of forged evidence used to blackmail Lana Skye: a jar fragment on which the name "Ema" had been written, and a piece of Prosecutor Marshall's clothing with Ema's hand print on it. Despite these, Wright was eventually able to discover the truth and Gant was arrested for the murders of both Goodman and Marshall.