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A child's picture was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of "Di-Jun Huang". It is a crude drawing by a young Simon Keyes of the assassination of Di-Jun Huang by Sirhan Dogen while Keyes was in the care of the Happy Family Home orphanage. The drawing was a vital piece in eventually solving the murder, which was referred to by the police as the SS-5 Incident.


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A young Simon Keyes was having trouble sleeping and so decided to go for a wander. However, during his walk he came across a confrontation between Zheng Fa president Di-Jun Huang and the assassin Sirhan Dogen in the orphanage's grounds; this scene would be that immortalized in his drawing. After Huang's death, the president's body double took over his identity, having been one of the three conspirators alongside Blaise Debeste and Patricia Roland who had hired Dogen in the first place. However, Keyes overheard that they were planning to kill Dogen, and so warned the assassin as well as distracting the conspirators with a fire so that he could escape.

The drawing's fate[]

Roland, the only suspect for Huang's "kidnapping", was found not guilty due to Debeste disposing of the evidence incriminating her. Roland eventually found out about Keyes' drawing however. Fearful that this drawing could expose her, Roland tried to intimidate and threaten him into handing it over, but only succeeded in making him run away from the orphanage full of resentment and hatred towards her, Debeste, and the body double. However Keyes did neglect to bring the drawing with him.

Dai-Long Lang eventually found the drawing at an unknown point during his investigation into Huang's "kidnapping". This was taken in as evidence by Lang, along with the doll that Huang had been carrying at the time of his murder, and kept safe for 12 years. The drawing revealed to Lang what had really happened, thereby convincing him that the real president was dead.

Reopening of the SS-5 Incident[]

Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Twelve years after the SS-5 Incident, the body double was murdered. This indirectly caused the reopening of the SS-5 incident by Miles Edgeworth. During his investigation into the incident, Shi-Long Lang had the child's picture brought over to assist in the investigation. Later, Edgeworth used it to reveal the truth behind the SS-5 Incident: It was a presidential assassination, not a kidnapping. However, because Jack Cameron had witnessed the moment Roland and Debeste dragged the body away, he had assumed it was a kidnapping, and after killing him, the co-conspirators of the incident staged a fake kidnapping, while Debeste used his position to wipe away all traces of the second murder.