A photograph of poker chips was a piece of evidence in the trial of Phoenix Wright for the murder of Shadi Smith.

Role in Wright's trialEdit

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During Wright's trial, Prosecutor Winston Payne presented this photo that showed the poker hands of Phoenix Wright and Shadi Smith, as well as how many chips they had. Payne used the photo to suggest that Wright killed Smith because he was losing, but upon comparing the chips and finding out that the smaller ones were worth more points, defense attorney Apollo Justice deduced that Wright was actually winning by 4,100 points to 2,900.

Later in the trial, Wright pointed out that Kristoph Gavin, Justice's co-counsel, had said that the cards were blue near the beginning of the trial, despite the fact that there was also a red set of cards and the the crime scene photo previously presented was in black and white. This caused Justice to argue that the colored photograph contained a stack of blue cards, but Wright reminded him that Gavin made his statement well before the evidence came to light. It would eventually be revealed that Gavin had killed Smith, clearing Wright's name.


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