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Cindy Stone's autopsy report was used as evidence during Phoenix Wright's first case, when he defended Larry Butz on the charge of murdering Stone.

Role in Butz's trial[]

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The autopsy report was made available to Wright before the trial began and was placed in his court record. As this was Wright's first trial as a defense attorney, the judge recognized that he was nervous and asked him various simple questions about the case to ease him in. Two of these questions could be answered by referring to the autopsy report: namely the victim's name and the cause of death. The autopsy report would later prove useful to Wright yet again, as he was able to use it to prove that the testimony of Frank Sahwit contradicted the evidence; Sahwit claimed that Stone had been murdered at 1 p.m., while the autopsy report stated that she had died between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.

This proved to be vital to Wright's case, as it was eventually proven that Sahwit had murdered Stone using a clock that spoke the time in her apartment; as Stone had recently returned from France (and had taken the clock with her), she had not changed the time back to Los Angeles time. Since Sahwit was aware of the clock's time difference, he must have been inside the apartment and thus (alongside other evidence) was the true culprit.