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All visitors to the Berry Big Circus must pass through the circus entrance, the most noticeable feature of which is an arch with a yellow "Berry Big Circus" sign and a large cut-out of the main star of the circus, Max Galactica.

To the entrance's right there is a snack stand that sells hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, candy, popcorn and snow cones (the snow cones are sold even in the middle of winter). To the left is the Box Office where all the tickets for the circus are sold along with programs. Beside the Box Office is the entrance to the lodging house where the stars of the circus reside. The door has a sign stating "No Entry to Unauthorized Personnel". Above the lodging house and Box Office are streamers introducing the circus performers as: "Maximillion Galactica and his comical comrades!", an introduction that the other performers were unlikely to have been pleased with.


Barrelentrence Day

Berry Big Circus seen during the daytime.

The entrance to the Berry Big Circus has two separate background images. The first is a night-time version used when Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Pearl Fey are all visiting the circus three days before the murder of Russell Berry. The second image is the one used for all occasions afterward and is during the day.